This is a "Alice in Wonderland" story, with my own personal twist to it.

The Queen of Hearts is a Mafia leader, and she has a lot of servants. One of the servants fall in love with a guy named Alice.

That was a terrible description. Just read the first chapter, and you will learn everything, you will have to know.


7. The Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts P.O.V

Soon after informing Josie about her mission, she went back to her room. I don’t know what she is doing, and frankly I don’t care. The rabbits are just pawns in my game, a game where I am the Queen.

I move another chess piece, in the chess game I play with myself. I simply can’t find a worthy chess opponent, the only person good enough is myself. I stand up from the antique blood red leather chair, and walk over to the mirror. I am currently in my bedchamber, relaxing a bit. It is actually rather humorous, how there hasn’t been another person in here since my husband passed away. I don’t like when people come in here, it reminds me of him.

His laughter, how he looked, how he made me feel, how he gave me everything I wanted, love, jewelry, money, power. The thought of the good old days almost makes me smile, the days where I was nothing but a powerful mans wife. But it also reminds me of that night, the night he died.


The night I killed him.


No one knows what really happened that night, besides me of course. But everybody suspected me, that just shows that people cant be trusted. I trusted him, and how did he repay me? He cheated on me, with non other than my best friend. You don’t get over that kind of betrayal, but you do get revenge.

If I could do it over, I would probably have prolonged the process. Making him suffer and hurt, like he hurt me.

I remember it was a rainy night; we had all gone out to dinner. Me, him, her, the people I loved the most. I didn’t feel so good, so I went to the infirmary. When I came back, I saw them together. I will never forget that image, it is burned into my memory. How they touched, their look in their eyes when they saw me, their voices screaming in pain and for forgiveness.

But what I remember the most is the pain, the pain I felt in my heart. I wanted them to feel the exact same pain, in their hearts. So I got the knife, and I attacked. It didn’t feel like I killed them, it felt like I was making it even. So when I saw their lifeless bodies, the blood red sheets, and the two daggers in their hearts. I didn’t care, I did what was right.

The next day the pain in my heart was gone, I felt nothing, and it was like my heart was gone. From that day on, people feared me, and they still do. It was also after that night, I gave myself the title: Queen of hearts.

So don’t cross me, or your heart will be as gone as mine.



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So what do you think about me writing from the Queens angle. I though a change in perspective would do us some good.

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