This is a "Alice in Wonderland" story, with my own personal twist to it.

The Queen of Hearts is a Mafia leader, and she has a lot of servants. One of the servants fall in love with a guy named Alice.

That was a terrible description. Just read the first chapter, and you will learn everything, you will have to know.


4. Level five

Of course I’m on time. I can’t be late, I wont be late, I will be on time. The Queen got up from her seat, and walked towards me. That was one of the scariest things, I have ever experienced. The sound of her heels clicking on the marble floor, the smell of blood and perfume moving towards me. I was ready to run screaming away, but I didn’t. I stood my ground. “Follow me Josie” Her voice was, like bells and knives at the same time. You get a calming feeling being near her, but you still feel like she could kill you at any moment. She walked out of a door, I followed her. We were walking down a quiet hallway, marble floors, one wall white and the other black. She pushed a button and suddenly the black wall, was like a window. Behind the window was another rabbit. I didn’t know her, at least not very well. But we have casually greeted each other one or two times, made small talk in the elevator that kind of thing. But we work on different levels.

There are different levels for rabbits. Level one is the lowest rabbit rank, you have to stay inside state lines and you only have to find objects. Level five is the highest rank, I don’t know a lot of details about it. Since I am a level four. I get to cross state lines and I have to find people and objects.

The girl I am looking at is a level five.  She is really beautiful, and I can tell she is smart too. She is chained to a chair, her hands and feet bound. She is only wearing jeans and a tank top, she looks like she is preparing herself for something. I have a feeling I know where this is going. “You know it is important to be on time.” The Queen tells me. The other girl can’t see or hear us. Yes, I know where this is going. In the room where the other girl is, a door opens up. A man walks in. I have seen him before he deals with punishments. He walks up to a fireplace close to the girl. I think her name is Jessica. Jessica looks fake calm, like she is hiding the terror. “One hour twenty-four minutes and sixteen seconds.” The man says. He takes a stick from the fireplace. On the end of the stick, there is the number zero. The zero is flaming hot, it is the size of my pinkie. He walks towards Jessica, and he places the zero on her arm. Leaving a disgusting burn, of the number zero. I stand there and watch, until there is a burn on her arm that reads:  01:24:16. She has passed out from the pain, but she didn’t scream once or cry. Even though she couldn’t see me, it was like she was looking at me. Pleading with her eyes to take away the pain, and I just stood there. I looked down on my arms, I have a couple of burns like that. Mine are smaller though. The Queen pushes the button again, and the wall goes black.

I want to see what is going to happen to Jessica, even though I already know. I have been in her place a couple of times, before I learned I can’t be late, I wont be late, I will be on time. Medics are going to disinfect her burns, clean her up and give her some pain medication.

“Since one of my level five rabbits, are useless the next couple of weeks. You will take her place. Congratulation Josie, you are now a level five rabbit.”

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