This is a "Alice in Wonderland" story, with my own personal twist to it.

The Queen of Hearts is a Mafia leader, and she has a lot of servants. One of the servants fall in love with a guy named Alice.

That was a terrible description. Just read the first chapter, and you will learn everything, you will have to know.


2. Introductions

Two hours thirty-six minutes and twenty-eight seconds, have went past since I was sent out on this mission. I have to be back in twenty-four minutes and thirty-two seconds, so I better hurry up. Because I can’t be late, I won’t be late, I will be on time. That is the mantra that is always going through my head. I can’t be late, I won’t be late, I will be on time. So I should probably get going. I look up, and scan the room I’m trapped in. There are two men guarding the door, one standing behind the chair I’m tied to and the computer is lying on a table next to the door. You may wonder how I got my self in this mess, long story short: The Queen of Hearts sent me out to steel the computer; it was supposed to be an easy job. But the Russians had more men, than we expected. So they caught me, and I have been tied to this stupid chair for nearly an hour, waiting for their boss to leave.


He finally left, time to make my move. I had gotten out from my restrains about thirty minutes ago, but I had to wait for him to leave. The next step happen so fast, so let me break I down for you. I stood up from the chair; the guard behind me drew his weapon first. I took the gun and kicked my chair into him, knocking him over. The to other guards fumbled to get there weapons out, armatures. Two quick shots to their legs, and they didn’t care about me at all. I quickly grabbed the computer, and threw it in my bag. I ran out of the room and I was in the kitchen, did I mention that this happened at a restaurant. Ups, more guard is coming after me. The back exit. I saw a black ranger over, with the driver taking a smoke a little away from it. The door open, and keys still in the ignition. Perfect. I ran in and drove of, before the driver even saw me. Yes I’m that good.


Twenty-one minute and seventeen seconds till I have to be back. I can’t be late, I won’t be late, I will be on time. Good thing the drive to Wonderland is only ten minutes, if you step on it.

I haven’t really introduced myself, well the name is Josie but people call me J. I’m twenty years old, and I work for the Queen of hearts and Triad as a rabbit. As a rabbit it is my job to do, whatever the Queen wants and don’t ask questions. I have no idea why she wants this computer, but it is not my business to know, it is my business to do as I’m told. One does not simply apply to the job of being a rabbit, you have to be qualified and trained. To be qualified you have to be, an orphan so no one will miss you. Attractive so you can infiltrate enemy lines. Speak English and a bunch of other stuff these are just the only ones I know. You see, people don’t really tell us a lot. But the training system is way worse. These are a couple of things we have to master:





-Speaking eight different languages


And that is just a few. I was recruited when I was ten years old. Eighteen minutes and five seconds till I have to be back. I can’t be late, I won’t be late, I will be on time. I was trained for five years, and got my first mission when I was fifteen. I have been doing this for five years, and it is all I know. I don’t really remember anything before Triad. While stopping for a red light I check my looks in the mirror, I guess I look okay. I have long curly brown hair, delicate facial features and blue eyes. I have some mascara on but that is it, I don’t really have time to go makeup shopping doing what I do. I am wearing some black skinny jeans, dark brown combat boots, a white t-shirt and a black blazer with the Queens logo on it, a red bleeding heart with a knife in it. I am also wearing six wristwatches, three on each arm. This way I can’t be late, I won’t be late, I will be on time. 

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