This is a "Alice in Wonderland" story, with my own personal twist to it.

The Queen of Hearts is a Mafia leader, and she has a lot of servants. One of the servants fall in love with a guy named Alice.

That was a terrible description. Just read the first chapter, and you will learn everything, you will have to know.


5. 6-0-9



A level five rabbit? I was surprised and stunned; usually the Queen never promotes us. She gave me one last look, before leaving me alone in the hallway. I have never been in this hallway before. I honestly have no idea what to do. I look around and spot another door, opposite the door we came in from. I walk towards it preparing my self for what’s on the other side. I open the door; on the other side is a hallway. This hallway is different from the other one. There are a lot of doors here, the walls are white, the floor is marble and everything is very clinical. The only thing that isn’t white, are the numbers on the doors. I walk further down the hall, looking at every door that I pass. I stop in front of the last door in the hallway; on the door there are three numbers.


My second name.

I slowly open the door, and carefully step inside. The room was just like the hallway, clinical and white with marble floors. There was a bed, a desk a dresser and a chair to go with the desk. The bedspread on the bed is completely white, making the room look even more clinical. On the bed there is a cardboard box, inside are all of my belongings. There aren’t much, you don’t really get to own that much stuff. Being a rabbit and all.  

Is this supposed to be my room?

I think it is.

I dump myself on the bed, my feet still on the ground but my back lying against the soft fabric. A level five rabbit, those four words keep rotating in my mind. Will everything change? Will I ever see my level four friends again? I can’t keep the questions out of my mind, the thought of never seeing my friends again hurt. We were three girls, that all came from the same place, I can’t remember where. But we all moved up the levels together, we made mistakes together, we did everything together. They are the only people in Triad that I trust. Olivia and Mollie. I hope I get to see them again, even though level fours and level fives don’t really socialize. Those two girls are the only escape of being a rabbit. They can make me laugh on the worst of days.  Olivia is the oldest of the three of us, Mollie next and I am the youngest. But when we are together, we sure do act like a bunch of three year olds. Olivia’s got long brown hair and brown eyes, she is pretty strong and a genius at sports. I call Mollie: Ness. Because it is her last name, in the beginning she hated being called Ness. But I was persistent, so she had to get use to it. She’s got medium long blond hair, and blue eyes. She is really smart, and had to give me extra lessons in: French, Spanish and Japanese. My thoughts get interrupted, when I hear someone clearing their throat. I’m standing up in no time, my fighting pose ready.

“Why are all you rabbits so jumpy?” She asks herself, clearly not talking to me. I have never seen this woman before; her hair is straight, short and blond going to about her shoulders. She has a tattoo of a heart on her cheek, and is dressed only in white colors, matching with the room. “What do you want?” I ask rudely, not putting my fists down. “Calm down. I am here to help you turn into a level five rabbit. To help make the transition easier, to teach you.” She says. She has clearly said that before, it sounded very practiced.

“What’s there to learn?” I ask. Still with my fists up, there is something off about this woman.

“To kill”

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