Stephanie and her friend justin are going to the dance. They both hav feelings for each other but they are to scared to admit it. They get matched up for the dance. Will they be matched up together or will they never know how the other feels.




Scooter walked onto the tour bus and asked what was wrong. "Ariana kissed Justin and I want her off the tour." Scooter took Ariana off the bus and to be honest I was so happy. "Ok Steph who do you want to replace Ariana for your tour?" I thought about it for a while and then Justin suggested Cody. I really liked Cody as a friend. I then went to my room and changed into my hello kitty pajamas and put my hair into a messy bun.

When I walked out of the room Justin jaw was like unhinged. "Scooter you could leave now." Justin waved his hand away for Scooter to leave but still looking at me in awe. When Scooter left Justin like legit jumped me. Ok not jump me but he ran over and sat next to me on the couch. "So I thought you couldn't get sexier but you just topped that." He winked at me. I started to blush right away. "I know you're already in your pj's but I want to take you out to dinner." I nodded. I know that I'm in my pj's but I would change 5000000000 times a day for Justin. "Ok so wear something fancy." And with that he left. I knew what I was going to wear. I went to take a shower and did my makeup. I used the mac naked palette and put blush and my essence xxxx glossy lip gloss. I then straigthened my hair and added a black bow.  I had amazing shoes to match my designer black dress. I walked out of my room and saw Justin in a tux. And someone else is standing next to him. My ex boyfriend.    


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