Stephanie and her friend justin are going to the dance. They both hav feelings for each other but they are to scared to admit it. They get matched up for the dance. Will they be matched up together or will they never know how the other feels.




It was so cute how Justin started singing for me. I loved that and I loved him. Once I said yes and he understood he looked so happy. While we were sitting there I was resting my head on his shoulder while his arm was around me. I was looking up and Justin looked worried. "What's wrong babe." I gently touched his face. "Nothing just a bit tired." I yawned. "I will carry you to m car." He was about to stand up but I pulled him back down. "Don't worry I know what will wake me up." I pulled my face closer to his until our lips touched. The kiss was filled with passion. When we pulled away I looked into his eyes. "I'm awake now." I winked at him. He took my hand and we ran to the car. "I have one more surprise for you." he said with his hand on my leg.

When we got there I actually couldn't believe that he remembered this. It was the basketball net that Justin started teaching me how to play basketball with. I gave him a quick peck on the lips and ran over to the cart and got a basketball. "YOUR GOING DOWN BIEBER." I said shotting the ball to the hoop. "Ok Steph but I'll warn you that I will win." He said with a smirk.

At the end of the game, I beat Justin 21-20. It was a close game. After the game Justin pulled me by the waist and under the basketball hoop. "Do you remember the memory we had under here?" Justin says with a teasing look. "No what was the memory." I said with a confused look on my face. "This!!!!" Then he pulls me into a kiss. Pulling on my bottom lip asking for permission into my mouth. I opened my mouth slightly and his tongue was roaming through my mouth. When we pulled out of the kiss. I quickly pulled him into a hug.

When Justin dropped me off at my house, I kissed him one last time. "Bye babe." he said winking at me. "Stop it." I said. "Stop what???" he said with a confused look on his face. "Winking your going to kill me one day." Right after I said that he started laughing so hard. I quickly ran to my door and I dreamed about the date Justin planed for us. Like in real life it was perfect.

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