Stephanie and her friend justin are going to the dance. They both hav feelings for each other but they are to scared to admit it. They get matched up for the dance. Will they be matched up together or will they never know how the other feels.



Justin's POV:

Steph's due date is coming up and me and Ryan are going shopping. "Justin where are you going." Steph came up to me and wrapped her arms around my waist. "Ryan and I are just going to get the stuff for the baby's room." I turned around to kiss her. "Justin, can you go to buy the stuff for the baby if we don't even know the gender of our baby." I totally forgot that the ultra sound was tomorrow. "sorry babe." I walked around Ryan and pecked her on the cheek. "I want to take you out tonight." I whispered in her ear. "Dress casually or fancy, whatever you like."

I ran to my room and started to change. I took off my shirt and ran and tackled Ryan. "What the fuck." I got off Ryan and saw that it wasn't Ryan. "Why would you do that Justin?" It was Ariana. OH LORD. I'm in some deep shit. "What are you doing on this bus?" After she kissed me, Steph swore she would never let Ariana back on this bus. And perfect timing because Steph came out of the bathroom at that very moment. "WHY IS THERE A BITCH ON THIS BUS!!" She ran over to where I was standing with Ariana. She pushed me back a bit and was standing in front of me in between me and Ariana. "Why are you on this bus? Your not welcome here!" Damn she's so hot when she's mad. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry." Steph rolled her eyes. "For what kissing my boyfriend or getting caught." I took a step back pulling Steph with me. "For getting caught." OH crap Ariana is gonna get beat up by a pregnant lady. "What is your fucking problem. I swear IF I WAS NATHAN I WOULD HAVE DUMPED YOU TOO." OK I know Steph is mad but that was going too far. "Babe I think you should stop." Ariana gave a sweet smile to Justin. "Thanks babe." Ariana replied and came to kiss me on the cheek. Steph just lost it and punched her in the face. "SCOOTER WE GOT A BITCH ON BOARD." Wow Steph got guts to call Ariana a bitch right in  front of her. I love that about Steph. Scooter came running onto the bus. "What's wro-." He didn't even have to finish his sentence. "Security." And that was when Ariana got escorted off the bus.
Steph ran to her room and changed for dinner. She was wearing a black belly shirt that read "Taken", she was also wearing white shorts and black Toms with her hair in a high ponytail. When she walked out I howled. She laughed and ran over to me. I held her hand and got off the bus. "Where are we going." We walked a bit more. "We are already here." Ok so I'm going to tell you guys a little secret. I'm going to propose to Steph after the baby comes out. I took her to the parking lot and I set up a little camp out for us and for Alfredo, Ryan, Chaz, Scooter, my mom, Scrappy, Dan, Allison, Kenny, my dad, Ryan Good, Justin Alavi, Jan, Carin, Usher, Tomi, B, and DJ Tay James. I set up guitars all around the fire place. Steph is going to announce the due date for the baby and I hope they will all be able to help her out. the baby will be out in about 3 months. Why is there a note on the ground that says my name on it. Must be from a fan. I picked it up and read it aloud. "Get away from my woman." And I was surprised who signed it. I thought I could trust Logan but I guess I was wrong.

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