Stephanie and her friend justin are going to the dance. They both hav feelings for each other but they are to scared to admit it. They get matched up for the dance. Will they be matched up together or will they never know how the other feels.




I turned to Ari and then I looked her in the eye. Why was she crying? "Ari why are you crying?" she sniffled and turned to me. "You know how I have been dating Nathan, right?" Steph and I both nodded. "Well we broke up yesterday and then now he was on tv and kissing Jasmine." She started crying even harder. "That bitch." Steph just covered her mouth from the words that left her mouth. "Woah Steph stop the swearing." Steph started pacing up and down. "No Justin she said she was dating some dude named Chase. Poor Ari is crying right now and I don't care if I swear all the fucking words that are in the dictionary. I am going to go and talk to Jasmine." I walked to her and whispered in her ear. "Damn your sexy when your mad." She laughed. I kissed her forehead and then let her go.


I saw Jasmine about to get in her car. "Yo Jasmine." She turned around and waved at me. "Hey I was just about to go to Chase's house. Wanna come and meet him?" Before she could even finish her sentence, I slapped her in the face. "Why did you slap me, Steph?" I crossed my arms in front of my chest and then raised my eyebrows. "Well you know my best friend, Ariana is crying right now and do you know why?" I shut her car door. "Because of you kissing her ex." Jasmine just stood there with retarded look on her face. "Well why is she crying over her ex?" Is she really that stupid. "Because they broke up yesterday and what about Chase. If he heard about this I know he wouldn't be happy." I walked as fast as I could to the tour bus and got my phone. And then I wished I didn't see what was going on. Ariana and Justin were kissing. I walked up to her and pushed her off of Justin. "What the fuck Justin." He looked so pale I guess she must have made the move but I still want an answer. "Ok so this is what happend. I was sitting here comforting Ari and then I looked at the tv and then she just kissed me." I could tell Justin was serious. I picked up my phone and texted Scooter. I read what I was writing out loud. "Dear Scooter, I would like Ariana off the tour and get Cody Simpson to be my opening up thanks." Let's see who that bitch will kiss next.



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