Stephanie and her friend justin are going to the dance. They both hav feelings for each other but they are to scared to admit it. They get matched up for the dance. Will they be matched up together or will they never know how the other feels.




As soon as Katie told me that my best buddy, Chaz , asked the girl I liked out. I was so furious. How could he do this to me. I helped him out to ask millions of girls that he liked out. I ran away from Katie and started looking for Chaz. I saw him talking to Stephanie and right there I really didn't care. I walked up to him and I slapped him. Stephanie just stood there stunned. "JUSTIN WHY DID YOU SLAP HIM!" she yelled at me. I had a surprised look on my face because she never yelled at me before. Chaz regained his strength and stood there knowing why I slapped him. "HOW COULD YOU ASK OUT THE GIRL I LIKED. NO I DONT LIKE HER I LOVE HER. YOU KNEW HOW I FELT ABOUT HER WHY COULDN'T YOU LET ME HAVE THIS ONE GIRL" I felt my vision getting blurry by my tears. The next thing I knew tears were rolling down my cheek.

Stephanie was there. She was urging her way and towards mine. When she got a hold of it she wiped my tears away. "Justin is this true?" she said with a concerned look on her face. "Yes I love you Stephanie. I had this feeling since the day I met you." I said still looking directly into her eyes. "Justin I can't believe this." she said with a confused look. "I knew you would never like me like the way I love you." I said turning away. She walked in front of me and said "No I don't believe that you feel the same way." I couldn't believe she felt the way I do about her. "So are you free tonight?" I said with a smile across my face. "Actually I kind of have a date with Chaz." she said with a frown. I knew it she rather date Chaz than me. "Oh ok." I walked away sadly. "Justin I was kidding so pick me up at 7." she kissed my cheek and walked away.

"Chaz why would you ask her out?" I said with a less angry tone. "Dude I didn't really like her. I only asked her out so you would figure out and you would tell her how you feel." I apoligized to Chaz and thanked him for his thought towards me. "So who do you like any ways." "Katie Gould." I started to laugh. "Well I gotta go and get ready for my date."

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