All over again

The SEQUAL to 'Tutor Tourture'; After Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis had left, Emily's life went pretty normal. She got a job as a waitress, moved into her own flat, and got a new boyfriend. So Did Cally, Hanah, Katie and Lucy. They all tried to forget about the life they had in high school. Whenever they met up, they never spoke of the boys. But it was very hard to not think about them. The last two years had been spent trying to forget all about them, but how could they when they saw them everywhere they went? Their old boyfriends had turned into the teenage heart throb boy-band, other wise known as One direction. But when Emily and the girl get invited to one of Emily's boyfriend's interviews and the boys are there, will love strike once more or will rage take over the girls?


25. The Show.

The first half of the show was amazing. Me and Hanah got to watch it from the side of the stage, screaming along with all the other girls in the audience. after a few songs in the second half, Louis started to announce something, "My Girlfriend Emily, Promised me that she would sing a few songs with me, but she never did.." Louis smiled deviously. I stared at him and started to shake my head. Please no! NO! Please Don't Louis! I begged him in my head. "SSSSOOOOO" He walked up to me and tried to pull me on stage. For the fist time ever, he couldn't move me. Even though everyone couldn't see him, he held the mic up to his mouth and said, "Don't make me carry you out.." The boys all laughed and Louis looked over his shoulder to them. They all raced over and grabbed hold of me, "NO! LET ME GO!" I screamed, kicking about. They all just laughed and carried me onto the stage. They set me down and Louis held onto my hand so i couldn't escape.  He handed me his mic and 'Kiss You' Started to play. The other boys sang but i just stayed still. Louis nudged me and i sighed. "IF EVERY TIME WE, TOU-OU-UCH, YOU GET THIS KIND OF RU-U-USH, BABY SAY YEAH A, YEAH A, YEAH A, YEAH A, YEAH A, AND LET ME KISS YOU!" I sang loudly. The boys stopped to stare at me and i bowed. the croud was going crazy as i walked off. "WOW.." Louis said as his eyes followed me of stage. i looked back at him and winked. 

after the show was over, and the boys were out of their performance clothes, we all headed back for the train station. When we went outside, there were girls all screaming for One Direction. But, as Louis was signing things, girls were pulling me around, asking me for pictures and autographs. i agreed gracefully and the security escorted us back to the train station. "That was weird.." I mused as we boarded. This cabin had loads of seats dotted around so that we could all see each other. "Emily, i had no idea you were go great at singing!" Liam said. "Thanks Liam.." I smiled. "Maybe you should be back up on our new album.." Zayn winked at me, "I Dont think so," I admitted, "Oh come on Emily!" Niall begged, "Pleasie?" Harry said, sticking out his bottom lip. I Rolled my eyes an looked over at Louis, who's head was buried in his phone.  "What you looking at?" i asked Louis. "Ive just sent out a tweet saying there is an after party at mine!" Louis looked up and all the boys cheered. Oh God, This means cleaning up. 

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