All over again

The SEQUAL to 'Tutor Tourture'; After Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis had left, Emily's life went pretty normal. She got a job as a waitress, moved into her own flat, and got a new boyfriend. So Did Cally, Hanah, Katie and Lucy. They all tried to forget about the life they had in high school. Whenever they met up, they never spoke of the boys. But it was very hard to not think about them. The last two years had been spent trying to forget all about them, but how could they when they saw them everywhere they went? Their old boyfriends had turned into the teenage heart throb boy-band, other wise known as One direction. But when Emily and the girl get invited to one of Emily's boyfriend's interviews and the boys are there, will love strike once more or will rage take over the girls?


33. The Big Day..

*One Year Later...*

"HANAH!" Cally yelled through the door, "ARE YOU AWAKE!" She continued to pound her fist on the door, and we could hear Hanah moaning from inside, "Come in..." She groaned. We all piled into her room, and she was lying in the middle of her bed, snuggled up in her covers. We placed our make up cases down on the floor and all grabbed section of the covers. We all heaved them off the bed and Hanah screamed at the cold. "GET UP!" Cally yelled. "You're Getting Married Today!" Katie screamed, jumping up on the bed. Soon, everyone was jumping around on Hanah's bed, laughing and screaming. "But, seriously.. We have three hours to get you ready!" I ordered, climbing down and walking over to our make up boxes. I placed them on her dressing table and opened them back up. There was so much make up, I didn't know where to start. I was in charge of doing Hanah's make up, because everyone said that they didn't want the pressure. Cally said that she didn't want to do the brides make up and it turn out awful. Cally, Katie and Lucy sat on Hanah's bed, doing each other's faces, while Hanah sat in front of me. I began to apply things to her face. The girls were making strange noises and weird comments, so Hanah kept laughing. I kept telling her to keep a straight face, but it was like telling a five year old to behave in Cadbury world... Impossible. Soon, her make up was done, and it was Cally's turn, to do her hair. I went and joined the others and started to do my own make up. "I cant believe that your getting married!" Katie smiled, as I dabbed foundation over my face. "Yeah, we all thought that Emily would be the first one to get tied down.." Cally joked. I threw a throw pillow at the back f her head, making her jump. "How's Niall?" Lucy asked Hanah. "I think he is just as nervous as I am.." Hanah admitted. "I bet he is.. a man is always the worst." Katie laughed.

We were sitting in the living room waiting for Hanah to come down. Me, Katie, Lucy and Cally were in baby blue, knee high bridesmaids dresses. They were floating and had a diamante belt around the waist. We had blue and white roses and we all had our hair curled. We were waiting for Hanah to come down. None of us had seen her dress yet, and we couldn't wait. "Hurry up Hanah! The limo will be here soon!" Lucy ordered. then we heard her creak down the stairs. We all stood, gawping at her. She looked beautiful. The dress was perl white and netted at the skirt. The top had beautiful, material roses that made a strap over her shoulder. the roses were dotted all over the place, and she had a ring of them around her head. "Hanah.." Katie gasped, "You look Beautiful!" I smiled. "really.." she asked, looking down. "DEFFO!" Cally beamed. There was a knock at the door, and Hanah's dad stood waiting for us to pile into the limo. I looked back and saw Hanah smiling from ear to ear. You would be a fool to say she wasn't happy. We climbed into the limo and turned the radio up loudly. ironically, a One Direction CD was on. I'm sure it was the second one. we all started singing and dancing, listening carefully to Niall's solos and applying them to Hanah. she blushed really hard, and was soon saved by her dad opening the door. "we're here.."

HanahPOV; The girls got out the Limo first and my dad helped me out. I sighed and tried to control my shaky breath. I clutched onto my dads arm as he lead me inside the church. I could hear the low hum of chatter coming from inside. Lucy came and rubbed my arm, "You'll be fine.." She assured me, and started walking down the isle. I could see the rest of the boys as I followed along, and my family. then my eyes settled on Niall. His soft eyes glancing me up and down, smiling from ear to ear. I beamed back at him, finally feeling at ease. My dad gave my hand to Niall, and he took it gracefully. Soon, I was staring into his eyes, repeating my vows. Niall didn't drop his smile until we have finished, and he was kissing his new wife.... God, I had a husband. But I would rather spend the rest of my life with Niall than anyone else.. He swooped me up into his arms and carried me out to the limo, the others following along. We waved before we climbed in, alone. "How was that!" Niall girnned. "I freaking Love you Niall Horan.." I said, kissing him again.

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