All over again

The SEQUAL to 'Tutor Tourture'; After Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis had left, Emily's life went pretty normal. She got a job as a waitress, moved into her own flat, and got a new boyfriend. So Did Cally, Hanah, Katie and Lucy. They all tried to forget about the life they had in high school. Whenever they met up, they never spoke of the boys. But it was very hard to not think about them. The last two years had been spent trying to forget all about them, but how could they when they saw them everywhere they went? Their old boyfriends had turned into the teenage heart throb boy-band, other wise known as One direction. But when Emily and the girl get invited to one of Emily's boyfriend's interviews and the boys are there, will love strike once more or will rage take over the girls?


2. One Direction.

I couldn't sleep all night. Yesterday, Rihanna had said that Jos had been talking about me. What if he did that today with One Direction. But would they remember me? probably not. I sighed. but Josh said he wanted me and the girls to go with him when he interviewed them, since none of us were at work. I really didn't want to go, but I didn't want to let Josh down. I climbed out of the bed and went into the living room. The first thing to come on was the music charts. and on came Kiss You as the number one. They already had a music video. I really didn't want to watch but I couldn't help it. As soon as Louis came on screen, tears filled my eyes. He was still so perfect. But of cores, he had forgotten about me. I wiped the tears from my eyes as the chorus came on, and I sang along. I couldn't help it. I could remember when I first heard them sing that. This song was my birthday present. I started to cry again, but then Josh walked in. "I didn't think this was such a sad song.." He laughed as he came and sat down next to me, "and I thought you didn't like them.." he said, wrapping his arm round me, "I never said that.." I said, ignoring the knot in my throat. "What's up?" He asked, hugging me tighter. I sniffed and got up, "Nothing," I said, "Come on, Lets go and meet these boys.."

When we pulled up outside the studio, there were hundreds of girls outside screaming for One Direction. It made me feel so bad. I could see girls holding up signs saying things like 'Marry me Harry!' and 'LOVE YOU NIALL!' but the one that almost killed me was, 'I LOVE YOU LOUIS!' I quickly ran ahead of Josh and inside, where I saw the girls waiting by the lift. "Hey Em.." Katie said giving me a hug, "You okay.." "Yeah." I sighed, "What about you guys?" "A bit peed off..." Hanah said. I nodded and we headed up to the floor that josh worked on. We waited for Josh, when we heard some voices coming from the hall way, "GO NIALL!" Some one shouted. then there was a loud crash. "TOLD YOU HE COULDNT DO A CARTWHEEL!" another voice laughed. Then they came into view. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and The one and Only Louis Tomlinson. They all looked at us, obviously surprised to see us. We all just stared back. I looked down the line of us and Cally looked like she was going to explode. "hi.." Niall was the only one brave enough to talk. "Hi.." Hanah said, only to him, "What are you girls doing here?" Liam asked. "Emily's Boyfriend is interviewing you guys.. and he invited us,..." Katie explained. As soon as she said the words 'Emily's Boyfriend' Louis eyes bulged out of his head. "Cool.." Harry said, "Well we had better get going.." Zayn muttered, moving the boys away from us. they walked down the corridor and down to their dressing room. "Are you alright Cally?" Lucy asked, Placing her hand on Cally's shoulder, Cally nodded and smiled. "Did you see Louis face when I said you had a boyfriend?" Katie said to me. I just nodded.

We sat down and watched the boys interview, but the whole time, Louis just kept looking at me. I kept my hands in my lap and didn't look up. Cally rubbed my leg and a tear rolled down my cheek. "So boys.." Josh began, "What's it like being ever teenage girl's dream?" I looked back down and tried to think of anything other then High school. Nothing. The interview lasted longer than I would have liked but eventually it was over. Josh walked them out and we all sat round a table and had a chat. "This is my girlfriend, Emily.." Josh introduced me, "and these are her Friends, Hanah, Lucy Katie and Cally," We all shook hands like we had never met before. "So, What happened with you guys?" Katie asked. They all looked at her quickly, "You know.. How did you come around becoming so famous?" They all looked at each other, but josh looked interested. "We, umm... Wrote a few songs in high school.." Harry began, "well, Louis did," Zayn said, "And then Simon Cowell came to the school and asked us if we wanted a record deal.." Niall explained, "And we said yes.." Liam added. Louis kept quiet. So that's who was in that limo... I stood up and went to get a re fill on my coffee. while I waited for the kettle to boil, someone walked into the room. "Hey..." Louis said. I turned round but didn't say anything. "Are you okay?" he asked, stepping a little closer. I shook my head. "What is it?" I just sighed. "You.." I muttered, "I really want to be mad at you but I just cant. I really want to scream at you, for leaving without any notice, for not telling me that you were okay. I was so worried. But as soon as I saw you on T.V I knew. I knew that you had forgotten about me.." I let it all out and Louis looked really ashamed. "I'm so-" he began but the Hanah walked in, "Emily, we got to go, Cally and Lucy wanna go shopping..." I smiled and walked out, leaving Louis standing on his own.

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