All over again

The SEQUAL to 'Tutor Tourture'; After Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis had left, Emily's life went pretty normal. She got a job as a waitress, moved into her own flat, and got a new boyfriend. So Did Cally, Hanah, Katie and Lucy. They all tried to forget about the life they had in high school. Whenever they met up, they never spoke of the boys. But it was very hard to not think about them. The last two years had been spent trying to forget all about them, but how could they when they saw them everywhere they went? Their old boyfriends had turned into the teenage heart throb boy-band, other wise known as One direction. But when Emily and the girl get invited to one of Emily's boyfriend's interviews and the boys are there, will love strike once more or will rage take over the girls?


3. Explanations

While we were shopping, we got on to the topic of high school. "Even though they are world famous superstars, they are right idiots.." Katie exclaimed. "Yeah, leaving without any warning!" Lucy fired. "I bet it's hard hearing your song on the radio.." Cally said to me. "Don't you mean my birthday present.." I sighed. We passed one shop called 'Direction World' and it was just full one One Direction things. Before any of us got so angry that we tried to burn the shop down, we moved out of the centre and out to Cally's car. We all decided to hang out in my flat  for a while. I pulled my laptop out and googled One Directions First Album. The first thing that came up was an album called 'Up All Night' and a track list. I clicked on it and read through the tracks. I only knew 2 of them. Stole My Heart, the one they sung at that party Louis had thrown the night everyone found out... And 'More Than This'. That one did it. I burst into tears and the girls rushed over to me. "What is it?!" Lucy asked in panic. I pointed at the song. I quickly YouTubed the song and clicked on the Lyrics video. And sure enough, it was the very first song Louis had ever written for me. I cried even harder as the chorus came on. I still had that piece of paper with the song on. If I were to sell that now I could make millions. But I didn't want to sell it. I wanted to keep it forever and ever. Suddenly, Josh walked in, with five other boys. I raced to the bathroom before they could see me in such a mess. When I came back out, the song was still playing and the boys were sat down. I quickly switched my laptop off and sat down next to Josh. "I just thought I'd bring the boys back here to have a chat.." Josh said. We sat awquardly for a while, but josh got suspicious. "What's going on here?" He asked, looking from me to the boys. I sighed and began to explain, "we know these guys.." I started, "we all went to high school together.." "We were all super close," Katie added, "And we all dated for a while too.." Hanah blushed, looking over at Niall. Niall just smiled at her, the way he always used to. Josh looked at me, "Cally dated Harry.." I said looking Harry in the eyes, "Lucy dated Liam," Cally said, "Katie dated Zayn," "Hanah dated Niall.." "And Emily dated Louis.." I sighed and ducked my head into my hands, "But that was two years ago.." Zayn said, "Yeah.." Was all Harry said. Josh rubbed my back. "Is there anything else I need to know?" He asked sweetly. I shook my head. I didn't want him to know anymore... 

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