All over again

The SEQUAL to 'Tutor Tourture'; After Niall, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis had left, Emily's life went pretty normal. She got a job as a waitress, moved into her own flat, and got a new boyfriend. So Did Cally, Hanah, Katie and Lucy. They all tried to forget about the life they had in high school. Whenever they met up, they never spoke of the boys. But it was very hard to not think about them. The last two years had been spent trying to forget all about them, but how could they when they saw them everywhere they went? Their old boyfriends had turned into the teenage heart throb boy-band, other wise known as One direction. But when Emily and the girl get invited to one of Emily's boyfriend's interviews and the boys are there, will love strike once more or will rage take over the girls?


10. Back to work

The next morning I woke up early since I had work. I crept around the house, since Louis was still sleeping. I climbed in the shower and began singing to myself. I had always loved singing, but it was one of those things I just kept to myself. I sang a few One Direction songs, because I couldn't help myself. When I got out of the shower, and went to go back into my room, Louis was standing against the bathroom door. "Morning.." He said Happily, "You weren't listening to my singing was you?" I asked in panic. He nodded and grinned at me. I sighed and went to get ready for work. When I was dressed, I decided to make pancakes for breackfast. Louis came down while I was cooking them. "Yum," He said, sitting down at the counter. "What are you up to today?" I asked him. He shrugged and tucked in to his breakfast. I rolled my eyes at him. he was still the same boy from high school, only his name was known all around the world. I rushed my food and headed out to work.

Cally was waiting outside the restaurant when I got there. She seemed to be watching out for me, like she had some big news or something. "THERE YOU ARE!" She yelled when she saw me, "Come with me!" She grabbed my arm and pulled me down to New Look. Hanah, Katie and Lucy were working as usual, but they all seemed to be acting like they were hiding back laughs. "What's wrong?" I asked, looking from one to the other. They all looked at each other and then dragged me into the break room, "Is it true!" Katie yelled, "Are you really!" Lucy exploded, "You will be famous!" Hanah screamed at me. "Ladies!" Cally said loudly and they all shut up. "Explain.." Cally said to me. "Explain what!" I demanded, "Are you seeing Louis again?" Katie whispered. "WHAT! NO!" I yelled at them, "then why were you seen in his house, with hi and the rest of the boys?" Lucy asked, "I fought with Josh so Louis offered for me to stay with him for a while!" I explained loudly. The girls looked at each other and just grinned, "Your crazy to not get back together with him.." Hanah muttered, "Why's that?" I asked, my hands on my hips, "You would be known all over the world.." Cally said, "Whatever.." I laughed and left the cupboard. So what if I was staying with Louis for a few days. It doesn't mean anything. Does it?

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