Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


5. To do it

Bobby was shocked when one of Styles top employees came to them and said that Niall had got a new job.
"He'll be with Harry and teach him football and other stuff!"
Niall frowned. He heard it was a lie, but didn't dare tell the truth.
"But if I don't want to?"
Bobby looked directly at his son and cleared his throat.
"You get more salary than what I get., You can't say no to such an offer!" 
Niall realized that Harry had planned everything and Niall had to say yes to the work. Nevertheless, it appeared not what it was that Niall would do.
"Doesn't matter!" said his father directly. "You get money and we need money for our household!"
Niall sighed and realized that he had no choice
"Okay then!"


Niall knew immediately that he didn't fit in. When he arrived in the big house, it all looked so clean. Niall had jeans, a tank top and looked not look like a clean guy. Still, Harry's father come to him and smiled contentedly.
"My son's in his room and waiting for you!"
Niall swallowed
"And where is the room?"
Des looked at him from the bottom up. There was a look of disgust and Niall realized he didn't like his son's choice of coach.
"Two floors up, second door on the right!"


Niall tiptoeing up the stairs and in the end he came to a door. He didn't know if it was the right door, but he knocked.
"Come in!"
Niall opened and directly he saw Harry. Niall was surprised when the younger boy lit up and almost threw herself at him.
"I'm glad you came!"
Niall closed the door behind him and looked at Harry suspiciously.
"Why should I train with you when you know I suck at it?" 
Harry stood right in front of Niall and took his arms around his waist
"Now your dad know that you are here and not wondering what you do with me!"
Niall sighed
"It's lying!"
Harry shook his head and couldn't get enough of the blondes body.
"No it's turning the truth, but not to lie!" 
Harry backed off a bit and then looked at Niall with an satisfied look.
"Take off your tank top!"
Niall paused
Harry smiled
"Your heard me!"
Niall gulped and obeyed him. He pulled off the tank top, and laid it down on the floor. Direct Harry groaned and enjoyed what he saw. Niall was embarrassed and looked down at the ground.
"Why do you want to see my body?"
Harry laughed a little bit and came up to him.
"Because you're sexy!"

Harry let his hands caress Niall over his breasts and he seemed excited about the naked skin. Niall backed off a bit and swallowed.
"I don't know about ...."
Harry was quick and pulled him to his own body. Their lips met and he forced the blond boy to answer it. Niall was breathtaking but the same the feeling, as when they went from the pub, appeared. He felt Harry kissed him perfectly and stroked his back. When Niall groaned, Harry slowly began to unbutton his pants and finally stood Niall naked in front of him. Niall wasn't sure, but Harry quickly pulled him towards the bed. The kiss became more intense and Harry parted the lips. Their tongues met and they both groaned slightly with excitement.


Harry looked at Niall, so that he ended up on his back in bed. Slowly he lay on top of the young blonde and enjoyed every second. Harry lay on top of him and kissed him again. Kiss wandered down over the neck, down to the nipples and down to the belly button. Niall closed his eyes and actually it was a wonderful feeling throughout the body. Harry came down between his legs and to Nialls great surprise, he took his cock between his lips. Niall groaned loudly when Harry began to suck him. Niall took his hands over his head and forced him to step up. It was as if the whole body shaking with horniness and it was only the here and now. Harry finally ended it all and began to undress himself naked. Niall opened his eyes in surprise and saw Harry developed an ointment, or whatever it was. Harry took it in his hands and smeared it over Nialls cock. Then he sat astride over Nialls waist and brought his cock against his own holes. Niall just watched as he slowly penetrated Harry. It was a new feeling and he didn't know what he would do. Harry just smiled and moaned lightly.
"You'll get to fuck me!" he whispered, and was just horny. Niall felt himself filled the hole, and finally Harry started to ride him slowly. Niall took his hands over Harry's waist and groaned loudly. So wonderful feeling came, but what was happening?


Eventually Niall was completely in every movement. He closed his eyes and forced Harry to accelerate. Niall groaned right out and in the end he couldn't keep. He had for the first time in his life an orgasm inside a hole. It was so wonderful and whole body shook. He felt himself totally emptied himself inside Harry.
"Damn!" almost shouted Niall straight out. Harry just smiled and knew it was the first time for the blonde guy.


Niall collapsed against the mattress. Direct Harry took his hand over his own cock and began to masturbate quickly. He pulled his hand quickly up and down, and closed his eyes. Niall just looked on with wide eyes and saw how Harry came. He spurted cum all over Nialls chest and groaned aloud.
"Oh Niall!"
Niall looked up at him and when Harry was finished he opened his eyes and smiled big at the blonde.
"You are mine from now on!"


Harry took Niall into his own toilet. They showered and then dried Harry his body carefully.
"Do you want to borrow clothes from me?"
Niall looked bewildered.
"I have my own?"
Harry smiled and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
"But with my look a little fancier!"

Niall was still shocked and shook his head. He took on his own and didn't care about how nice he felt or not.
"I'm not like you Harry!" he whispered. "I'm not rich and I'm proud of my family!"
Harry laughed a little bit.
"Okay, you may be so!"


"What did you want to hire me for, anyway?" Niall asked to an end. Harry came up to him right away and took his arms around Nialls neck. His looked into the blue eyes and smiled big.
"You will be my boyfriend and have sex with me. I'll make sure you're happy and together we'll discover it all!"
Niall frowned and shook his head directly.
"I'm not gay or whatever it's called!" 
Harry grinned and kissed him lightly.
"I have never said that!" he whispered tenderly. "But from now on you're mine and it doesn't matter that I'm a guy and you're a guy!"
Niall swallowed
"And if I say no?"
Harry grinned and pushed him against himself.
"I can teach you everything you want and make sure that you become rich. You liked having sex with me and you moaned. Don't tell me you don't want me!" 
Niall gulped and chose not to answer some questions.
"Why me?"
Harry kissed him lightly on the neck.
"Because you're perfect!"

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