Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


14. Three little words

"Come on!"
Harry took Nialls hand and pulled him to the door. He unlocked it, opened it and they went up the stairs to a dusty attic. Niall just went in and discovered that the attic was filled with old things, paintings, and stuff that Harry's ancestors had put there.
"What shall we do hear?"
Harry laughed a little bit and dropped Nialls hand.
"This's everything from my story. I just thought you wanted to see it!"
He then went to an old chest and opened it. He pulled out a wedding dress and held it up.
"My grandmother had this when she got married!"
Niall wondered why the topic was taken up and walked over to him. Harry smiled and turned his face towards Niall.
"Will you marry someone someday?" 
Niall didn't know what to say or what Harry wanted from him. He looked uncertainly at him and then at the dress.
"I guess I might want to?"
Harry pulled the dress over her head and pulled it down. He laughed a little bit and then took up the veil of the casket. He took it on his head and turned to Niall completely.
"Would you like to marry a girl or a guy?"
Niall frowned and looked at Harry.
"I don't know, but a girl I guess? That's are guys usually do?"
Harry spun around a turn so that Niall saw the dress.
"And why not a guy?" 
"I don't know!" Niall whispered uncertainly and looked at him. "I guess that's what everyone expects of me, that I should meet a girl, have children and live like everyone in the village?"
Harry stopped spinning and went up to Niall. He smiled weakly and didn't seem to like the answer.
"Is there any girl in the village that you want?"
"Not that I know!"
Harry stood close in front of Niall and took his face in his hands. He gave him a light kiss on the lips and then smiled.
"And you have no intention of marrying me?"
It became immediately silent and Niall just stared at him. Did Harry have an ulterior motive or was it a general question? Niall looked into his eyes and wondered about if he would be honest or lie and make him happy? Harry kissed him again and this time a little longer.
"I can be the girl that you want, but you will always see me as a boy!"
Niall frowned
"What do you mean?"

Harry just smiled and ran his hand through Nialls hair. Then he took off her veil and the dress. He put it back in the coffin and turned around to Niall again.
"There's a priest in London who marries gays!"
Niall swallowed
Harry smiled big and took his arms around Nialls waist. He looked into his blue eyes and felt butterflies in his stomach.
"You can fly with me to London, where we can live openly as a couple?"
Niall didn't know if he would respond. He looked frightened and swallowed again.
"Do you mean now?"

Harry nodded, but then shook his head.
"Maybe not now on the fly, but you can think about it?" Harry whispered and laughed a little bit. "You and I don't fit in here, and no one understands what love is, the thing we have between us!"
Niall felt Harry pushed him against himself and then he felt the dark guy's lips on his neck.
"But I have my parents here?"
Harry groaned slightly d began to pull up Nialls sweater. He stroked his back and up towards the neck.
"I will be your new family!"
Niall groaned and felt Harry pulled off his shirt, then he continued to kiss Niall around the neck and down over his chest. Niall groaned
"I can't leave them and just escape!" he whispered. Harry went down on his knees and pulled down Nialls pants. He took a grip around Nialls cock and began to directly take care of it. He took it between his lips and sucked lightly. Niall groaned and put his hands over Harry's head. He closed his eyes and felt how good it was . Harry knew everything and he always got Niall to set up. He began to move on the hip slightly and pressed himself into the hole between his lips. Harry looked up at him and loved the sight. When Niall was horny time stood still. It was as if everything in Harry's life just revolved around the Irishman and he wasn't going to let him go. He took out his cock from his mouth and let just the hand work on it.
"Niall!" he whispered. "I know you want me and I see in your eyes that you love me!"
Niall groaned louder and looked down at him.
"But it 's because you know what to do with me!"
Harry grinned and stripped naked . Then he lay down Niall on the floor and lay on top of him.
"I know you want me more than you tell me. I see it in your eyes, but you're afraid!" 
Harry kissed Niall again and spread his legs. Gently massaging his hole and brought a finger. Niall groaned loudly and pressed up against him. Harry loved to feel the blondes reaction and he got him always to accept more. Harry brought his cock to the hole and penetrated. He knew Niall loved it.
"You're crazy!" murmured the Irishman and groaned loudly. He closed his eyes and let Harry continue. "You always do what you want?"
Harry nodded and slowly began to take his cock in and out. He turned Niall almost double and kissed him again. This time they were both eager and moved in the same pace. Harry felt how he filled out the hole and loved the feeling. He bounced harder against Niall and their bodies sounded did when they met. He moved harder and harder. In the end, they completely in every movement and Niall began to masturbate. He moaned loudly and reacted to every move as Harry did. Harry heard nothing else but Nialls noises and it was a wonderful feeling to give him this moment. They made ​​love on the grounds that it was fate, and no one would share them apart. It was Harry's job to make sure that Niall followed him away from the village. The idea was that they would live as an ordinary couple in an apartment, even though they were boys. Harry wanted Niall beside him and he wasn't going to accept no for an answer.


Harry was brought back from his mind when Niall came. He groaned loudly and turned up toward Harry. Hand pumped his hand hard over his cock and finally sprayed liquid out and relieved Niall. Harry smiled and moved harder against his butt. He saw how the liquid flowed down over Nialls bow and just the sight got Harry to come. He pushed himself hard into the Irishman and eventually even he pumped out cum. Harry groaned loudly and felt how he filled Niall.


Afterwards, he lay back on top of Niall and looked into his eyes.
"Please, come with me to London!"
Niall was breathing rapidly and was breathless. He stared into Harry's eyes and seemed to ponder.
"But I want to go around the world?"
Harry smiled
"We can do that first? Go to U.S. and to every place you want to see?"

Niall swallowed.
"You're right Haz!" he whispered. "I'm scared!"
Harry kissed him right away and took his arms around his body. Niall confessed something and it got everything to be so true. This really was the fate!
"You don't have to be afraid any more!" whispered Harry after he had finished the kiss. He looked into the blue eyes and smiled. "I promise to take care of you and I will never leave you. I don't care about the family or what others think. I love you!"
Niall swallowed again and seemed scared. He looked so insecure and took his arms around Harry's body.
"I love you too!" Niall whispered and meant every word. Harry began to cry with happiness. Finally! At last he heard the words from his lover's mouth!

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