Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


16. The village

Five years later


Niall sat on the terrace looking out over the palm trees. He enjoyed the evening sun and drank the last of the drink from the glass. He peered down to the beach and saw Matt and his boyfriend Henry chase each other to the water. Niall laughed a little bit and then sat down on a deck chair. Harry had found refuge for them. Here in Hawaii, it was as if there was room for all types of people and Niall loved it. He had finally found a home and he was happy.


"I'm home, Darling!"
Niall turned his gaze toward the door and saw Harry come out to him. They kissed each other and then looked Harry down to the beach and sighed.
"They're always coming up with something and are running around!"
Niall smiled and put the glass down on the floor.
"So what did the lawyer say to you?"
Harry became serious and looked at Niall. He sat down in the Irishman's lap and took his arms around his neck.
"Do you want to know?"
Niall nodded immediately and took his own arms around Harrys body.
"Of course I want to know! An attorney isn't seeking us up through detective if there's anything important?" 
Harry gulped and looked at him long before he began to tell.
"Dad's dead he hung himself in the attic and left a letter behind., The letter said everything that has happened, a confession. Entire village is in rebellion and they want me to come home!"
Niall gulped and shook his head
"You promised me that we would never have to go home again!" 
Harry kissed him lightly.

"I know, but my mother can't sell the farm. Now I'm the owner and it's up to me if the villagers will have jobs left."
Niall was afraid, because he had once left the family with an recognition.
"Do I have to go with you?"
Harry nodded immediately.
"We have nothing to be ashamed of honey. Sometime we still need to go home?"



Niall felt really bad when the taxi car drove up to the house. It was years since they had been there and everything looked so different. Not a soul in sight, and the whole village seemed deserted. They jumped out of the car and took their bags. One of the employees opened the door and smiled recognition against them.
"Welcome home, Mr. Styles and Mr. Horan!"
Harry smiled  weak
"We are married and named Styles!" Then he walked past her into the house. Niall came after and felt just small. It was as if he the first time got there and didn't feel like home.

"The lawyers will come tomorrow!" said the employees and closed the door behind them. "All the papers are in your father's office and there are some indications that must be done!"
Harry turned to her.
The employees looked down at the ground and swallowed.
"She's in the hospital and has been there for three years. she has lost her mind!"


In the evening, stood Niall in a window and looked out toward the village. He didn't want to go home to his parents and he didn't want to appear among the villagers. It felt through the errors that he had have followed Harry, even though it was the right thing. It would take time to sell the farm and ensure that the right buyer would get it. Harry came and stood behind him.
"Want to go down to ...!"
Niall interrupted him immediately.

Harry kissed Niall of the neck and took his arms around him.
"I know it's tough for you to be back, but we go home as soon as everything is signed!"
Niall nodded and swallowed.
"Hope it goes fast!"


The lawyers came and Harry sat with them in the office all day. Eventually Niall was restless and began to think about going out. Eventually he did a choice to go down to the lake. He saw before him what had happened during their first summer and he smiled a little bit. Niall was no longer the same person as when he left the village. He had become more mature and he took the relationship with Harry seriously. The only thing that wasn't changed was the uncertainty of the villagers. Niall realized he would never get rid of that feeling. It was something he had to live with.


Harry was waiting for him when he got back to the house. He smiled at Niall and hugged him.
"It can go faster than we think!" he whispered tenderly. "I have written on any paper and it's only the details left."
Niall hugged him back and then kissed him lightly.
"I will try to manage to wait a few more days!"


"You have a visitor!"
Harry turned around and sighed against the employees.
"I will!" he gave Niall a last kiss and then went in doors. Niall chose to sit on a chair and looked out over the yard. It felt as if he were in a dream, but he couldn't wake up. The farm also looked abandoned and the bushes had grown bigger and wider. Nothing was the same.
He turned and faced directly four sad eyes. His parents came out on the terrace and direct Niall stood up nervously.
"Hey!" he whispered, feeling the whole body shook. Bobby looked down at the ground, but Maura came straight up to him and hugged him tightly.
"You've grown?" she began to cry. "You've so big!"
They released each other and Niall felt how he also began to cry.
"How are you?"
Maura smiled weakly and nodded.
"It's good! Dad has no work since Mr Styles died, but we had saved a lot of money so we're fine!"
Bobby came up to him. Niall took note of uncertainty in his father's movement, but he eventually hugged his son.
"Welcome home!"

They all three began to hug and the tears just ran down Nialls cheeks.
"You aren't angry at me?"
They released each other and Bobby shook directly on the head.
"No, we're not mad at you. We are happy that you're alive and that you come home!"
Niall wiped away tears.
"We will go back when we are done here, but we may be able to stay a few extra weeks?"
Maura nodded immediately.
"It would be fun!"
Bobby agreed.
"We want to know what you have done and what you doing, We have to get to know our son in law!"
Niall laughed weakly and nodded.
"Yes, you have to!"






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