Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


3. The meeting

Niall went down to the pub with Bobby on Friday and they knew everyone who was there. Niall sat next to Louis and they got beer from their fathers to drink. Everyone who was eighteen got beer there and it was considered that one already was an adult when you were seventeen. Niall felt like an adult when he sat among the elderly, and he felt that he was ready. Maybe not very mature, but in time to sit there. Harry came into the pub and director Niall light up.
"Dad, there's the guy who taught me how to play football!"
Bobby looked over at the young boy, who had come in and immediately he stiffened.
"He's not a friend to be with!" he said instantly. "It's Des Styles son Harry and he has the power!"
Niall was surprised.
"But he was nice?"
Bobby looked directly warning of his son.
"Watch yourself when you're with him! If he talks about you with Des Styles, I will get in trouble!"
Niall nodded and looked at his father.
"Okay, but I think he's okay! Maybe he's kinder than Des?" 
Bobby shook directly on the head, and followed Harry with his eyes.
"I don't know his son yet! He came home from a private school, but I've heard what they teach children in such schools and this's no ordinary things!"
Niall looked wonderingly at him
"Eh! maths and such stuff?"
Bobby shook his head.
"I have heard that they worship the devil, and learn to build altars, but perhaps only half the truth?"

Niall laughed and shook the head.
"You have a vivid imagination and I don't think Harry is the one!"

Niall chose to get up and walked through the room over to Harry. Niall was curious about him, and couldn't help but look after who he was deep inside.
"Thanks for soccer practice!"
Harry turned around and lit up. He knew Niall directly and was happy that someone wanted to talk to him.
"Oh it was nothing!"
Niall pointed at Bobby and then looked at Harry again.
"Dad said you are Des Styles son?"
Harry gulped and nodded. It felt like a wrong topic to talk about, but Niall seemed to want to know more about him. Harry assumed it was kindly meant. 
"Now you understand why I couldn't be in your team?"
Niall nodded
"But you could have said to me that you are Harry, it had explained a lot and you didn't tell me what your name was?"
Harry smiled in embarrassment
"I guess so, I'm Harry and your name is Niall? I heard the guys shouting your name before I helped you!"

Niall was surprised.
"Oh! So you thought of that?"
Harry nodded and looked over at Bobby.
"I don't think your dad like you're talking to me?"
Niall looked over at his father table, but showed that he didn't care.
"He's just old and he has crazy ideas of his own!"
"Like what?"
Niall laughed lightly.
"That you go to school to learn worship Satan?"

Harry immediately began to laugh and shook the head.
"No, I learned math, history and normal stuff!"
Niall met his gaze
"That's what I said, but he didn't believe me!"


Actually liked Harry the young blonde guy. They laughed and had loads of fun. He didn't even think that Niall was poor and his father worked for Styles empire. Instead, Harry felt that Niall was one of the funniest guys he had seen, and he liked to talk to him. It tingled a bit of Harry's stomach and he wondered immediately why. Niall had those great blue eyes, and he had an ancestor dialect against Harry. There was something about him that was just so wonderful and Harry wanted to know what it was.


"I must go home!" said Niall suddenly, but immediately stopped Harry him by lightly grabbing his arm.
"Can't you stay a little longer? You are the only person here who's worth talking to, and I like you!"
Niall was surprised and looked at his face a little extra.
"So you mean that you like to talk to people like me?"
Harry frowned
"What do you mean?"
Niall sighed slightly and then smiled. He came back to Harry and looked at him.
"Rich people tend to stay away from poor guys like me and it's not common that you like us!" 
Harry came up with a charming smile, and he looked into the blond boy's eyes.
"I may not be like everyone else? Maybe I'm different?" 
Niall noticed that Harry looked at him in a special way. Niall couldn't put his finger on how or why. Maybe that Harry was only like that? Did he look at Niall to win something?
"If I stay?" Niall whispered.
"I'll buy you beer and I promise you will not regret it!"
Niall was uncertain, but he showed no signs of going. Instead, Harry saw that he wasn't sure. Therefore, Harry took his arm around his shoulders and smiled big.
"You'll get a beer, a new friend and maybe you win more on this than me?"


They were both under the influence of alcohol when they left the pub. None of them had any idea what time it was, and Harry enjoyed every second. Niall was so wonderful as a person and he attracted him. Harry knew that he sometimes had fallen for guys, but he hadn't dared to show it openly. At the school, there were some that he had had brief relationships with, but it was innocent and mostly for lack of girls.


"Do you know about a thing?" Harry got out before they parted. "I like you!"
Niall laughed and looked at him with an amused glance
"Good because I like you!"
Harry laughed back and took a few steps towards Niall. He wanted to kiss him and he dared, because he was drunk. But Niall blinked and looked at him strangely.
"What are you trying to do?"
Harry took his arms around Nialls waist and brought him to himself. Then he let their lips meet and he kissed the young boy. Niall was almost shocked, but didn't dare to resist. Cautiously he answered the kiss and to his great surprise, he liked it. It was a strange moment in the dark. Niall felt Harry pushed him against himself and he was good at kissing. Without thinking about it, he took his arms around the dark guy's shoulders and moaned lightly. Niall didn't know why, but he liked the kiss. He had barely touched a girl and didn't know what it was like to kiss them. Maybe it wasn't a difference?


Harry ended the kiss and held still Niall against him. He moaned lightly and felt their bodies met. Niall was much narrower, but he was athletic and Harry liked it. He got boner and did nothing to hide it. Instead, he rubbed himself gently against Niall, who hesitated a little bit.
"What are you doing?"
Harry smiled.
"I learned at school how to do it with another guy!"
Niall blushed and tried to get away, but Harry didn't care. He rubbed his boner harder against Niall, until he to reacted between the legs.
"Have you ever tried?"
Niall shook his head.

Harry kissed him again and this time he let his tongue slip into the blond guy's mouth. They did it for a long time and moved toward each other. Harry wanted to actually do more with Niall, but they were hidden behind a couple of bushes in the middle of the village. It wasn't suitable!


Finally finished the Harry the kiss and released him.
"Okay, I know I'm on you, but I like you!"
Niall seemed completely gone and he just stared at Harry.
"Why ...?"
Harry laughed and interrupted him.
"I said it before, I like you and you allowed me to be curious about you."
Niall swallowed.
"But we are two guys and one should be male and female?" 
Harry just smiled and ran his hand through his hair.
"Says who? Church?"
Niall shook his head
"No one have two fathers to parents? I have a man and a woman?"

Harry just smiled and knew that Niall was brought up in the church's name. Therefore, he took a step towards him and stroked his cheek tenderly.
"They are lying to you! Love has no gender! Love is beautiful and when you love someone it right!"


When Niall came back home, he went quickly and went to bed. His whole body had butterflies  when Harry touched him, but why? Were all those guys in those hilarious schools like that? Maybe that Bobby was right? They taught the students the wrong things, and among other things that boys could be with each other on that way?

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