Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


2. Soccer

Harry had reached the age of nineteen and was finally out of school. His father wanted him to read on, but this time didn't Harry give up.
"I want to be vacant for one year and then I promise to go to university!"
Des sighed but he looked at his son that he meant every word.
"Then you'll help me with the farm and all the employees in one year. I don't like young people who just goes and pulls on the street!"
Harry nodded immediately.
"I promise dad and just tell me what to do!"
Des nodded and lit a cigarette. They were inside his office and Harry sat down in front of his father on a chair.
"The first thing to learn is to look down on all employees. You may not show you weakness in front of them and I don't want you to be their friend. Poor people aren't our friends!" 
Harry nodded and listened further on his father.
"And if you are in the village pub, never drink yourself drunk and I don't want you to make a girl pregnant. I don't have any illegitimate children in the community."
It was pretty easy to follow. Harry wasn't much for alcohol and so far he hadn't succumbed to the temptation to have sex with a girl. Harry didn't know why, but he hadn't fallen in love yet. Maybe delighted but certainly not in love!


Mission one was to go down to the village and bring in a car that had been repaired. Harry got the money to pay with, and then he left the farm. It was a bit to walk, but he loved to just walk. Actually, he loved to work out and keep in shape, but there was nothing that his dad cared about. It was a long way down, but he managed to go fast, and finally he reached the village. Not much had changed and he recognized many of the people. All cheered, because he was the landlord's son. Harry felt that they just sucked up, but made ​​no mention of that openly.


"The car is almost done! You can take a walk, I promise that I put in the last parts!"
Harry sighed. Was it because this his dad didn't want to hang out with normal people? They took your time and didn't think abut that time means money? Harry still chose to remain silent, and he went along the street towards the village center.


By chance, he happened to see some other guys, in his age, playing soccer. Harry saw that they were quite talented and he chose to look at them for a while. His eyes got stuck on a blond guy who was in goal. He laughed a lot and was the only one who didn't take the game seriously.
"Come on Niall!" a guy shouted to him. "You have to try to at least take the ball?"
The blond guy was named Niall? Harry didn't recognize him from before. He continued to be a discarded goalkeeper. Harry laughed lightly and walked over to the goal.
"You have to concentrate!" he called to Niall. The blond boy looked surprised at Harry and seemed half interested. Harry smiled and pointed to Niall.
"You can't stand as a stick!" 
Niall now looked directly at Harry and seemed to ponder on why he put himself in. Harry walked over to Niall and smiled big.
"I can help you become a good player if you want?"
Niall looked at Harry from the bottom up. He didn't know what to think.
Harry sighed lightly.
"I have nothing else to do right now and you need help!"


Harry showed Niall how a real keeper did and actually took Niall some balls. He was almost surprised when he saved the goal, and looked at Harry with impressed look.
"The urge to be on the team?"
Harry shook his head directly
"I have a job to do, but otherwise, I would have said yes!"
Niall eyed him.
"You don't seem to work?"
Harry laughed a little bit and shook the head.
"I'm waiting for a car! It will be ready in the garage. I work for my dad and he sent me here!"
Niall knew nothing, but put no emphasis on getting to know Harry. He was different and Niall had his friends in front of him on the pitch. He needed no new friends to have fun with. 
"We may meet some day again?" Harry got out before he went away.
"Sure!" Niall replied short and looked at him. "Maybe next time you can be on the team?"
Harry laughed
"Maybe so?"


Niall looked long after Harry and asked directly himself who he was. He hadn't even told Niall what his name was and still he had helped Niall to get better. Louis came up with the ball towards goal and shot it away. Niall threw himself and managed to catch it with a smile.
"Not again!" Louis complained and sighed. "How's it that you are better at this? Before you couldn't take a shot!"
Niall smiled
"I got a few tips and hints!"


When they are finished, Niall went home to the house. His mother Maura was hanging laundry on the front and smiled when she saw Niall.
"The food is ready, so go in and wash your hands."
Niall nodded and obeyed her. He loved his parents and knew that they loved him back. The only thing missing was a job, but it was hard for a young guy to get a job in the village. Niall wanted to move, but his parents wouldn't let him.


"So how did the soccer went?" asked Bobby when everyone sat around the table.
"Good!" Niall got out of it. "A guy came and showed me a few tricks, so our team won today!"
"Tricks?" asked Bobby directly and Niall nodded happily.
"How I would stand in goal and how to move!"
Maura smiled at them both and then looked down at the food.
"You might have a future in football?"
Niall laughed right away, shaking his head
"No, I'm not a competitive person, and the others are better than me. Louis can even make nice goals!"

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