Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


8. Rumours

Niall sat on his bed and just felt the body. It hurt a little in the rear part, but he felt so different. He wondered if the girls got hurt between the legs when they had sex with a boy. He even wondered if girls thought it was as delightful as Niall had thought? There were so many questions and Niall saw Harry in front of him. Had Niall also become gay now? Was he in love with Harry, or why did he agreed on everything?



Des came into Harry's room and gazed at his son.
"So are you training something? I've barely seen you in sports clothes?"
Harry had prepared everything and took out the newly bought clothes.
"We practice, but I have to check the employees too!"
Des sighed slightly and nodded. He was a dutiful son who took the job seriously and it was liked. Des was proud of him and felt that Harry really was perfect in every way. The problem was that there were rumours. There were those who said that Harry was gay and looked at the boys. It got Des to wonder why Harry was so careful to employ Niall, but at the same time he saw the clothes. Rumours always went by and you couldn't trust them. 
"So Niall's good?"
Harry nodded and stood up.
"Yes, and we played a little football today."
Des sighed again and began to walk toward the door. He hesitated and turned to his son again.
"Yes daddy!"
Des gulped and chose not to take up the subject about if he was gay or not. Maybe it was better not to know the truth?
"Good luck tomorrow with your workout!"
Harry lit up.
"Thanks Dad!"


Des went down to the living room and found Anne sitting on the couch. She sat with a glass of wine in hand, and as always, she was drunk. Des sighed and wished he could turn back the clock. Their relationship went on the back burner and they had nothing to talk about. They had nothing in common and Des wondered why he had once fallen for her.
"Have you heard the rumours?"
Anne looked up and looked foggy at him.
Des sighed
"People talk about our son, and I don't know if it's true!"
"What are they saying?"

Des gazed at her and wondered if they were talking about her too?
"That he's gay!"
Anne laughed right away and shook the head.
"He's not gay!" she drank of the wine and then looked seriously at him. "In my family, we have no such guys so maybe it's your genes?"
Des shook the head and sat down. He felt that there were too many who were talking about Harry and I felt uncomfortable.
"I don't think they are true!" he mumbled. "It's just what people are talking about to throw dirt at us! They are jealous of us and wants us to be as poor as them!"



Harry lay in bed and just enjoyed. He loved Niall and couldn't help but see him in front of him. The blond hair, the blue eyes and the mischievous gaze. Harry just worshipped the ground he walked on and for the first time in his life he was really in love. He hoped that the feelings would one day be answered. He hoped that Niall would realize that Harry was his, and that they had a life together. Maybe not in the village, but in London and there they could live free. Unless they could go to the U.S. because there was more like them.


Harry let his hand slide down inside the trousers and he closed his eyes. He let slip palm go over his boner and he groaned lightly. Niall had been so tight and so wonderful. It was as if their bodies fit together. Harry smiled and took a firm grip around his cock. Then he slowly started to masturbate. Nialls body! He saw it in front of him and he could almost every inch by heart. He was so perfect and he had such a sexy ass too. Harry moved his hand faster and moaned lightly. Niall wasn't like all the other guys and certainly not as them in school. Niall was more perfect and more down to earth. Harry liked it! He moaned louder and pulled down his pants. He looked down at the hand that worked faster and he knew how he built up the orgasm. It wasn't as nice to touch himself, like having sex, but it was enough for the moment. He sat up and took out a towel. Then he ran his hand tightly over the hard cock. He pressed his foreskin up and down. He saw Niall lie beneath him and finally he came. He took the towel over and sprayed the liquid. God what he wanted to do it with Niall again. Just the thought made ​​him almost get horny again.



Bobby gazed at his son when they ate breakfast.
"What do you do during the day?"
Niall gulped and chose to lie.
"Playing football and the things you usually do. Guess he just wants a friend!"
Bobby was suspicious and gazed back at him
"There are rumors in the village!"
Niall swallowed
His father frowned lightly on the forehead
"People are talking about and telling me that Harry's gay?"
Niall blushed but hoped he didn't see it.

Maura sighed lightly and laughed a little bit.
"But that's just what people say and Harry's a nice boy!"
Bobby looked at Niall and then down on the food.
"Usually, people say the truth and I don't want my son hanging out with those!"
Niall swallowed
"Don't worry dad! He haven't even seen strange at me!"
Niall lied, but he didn't want to mention that Harry had seduced him. He didn't tell them about the motel and about what Harry had taught him. That was embarrassing! Niall felt just small and realized that he had to put a stop to everything. They couldn't continue on this way and it was wrong. Guys wouldn't have sex with each other, and Harry was perhaps ill? Niall had heard how Zayn had talked about that gays had a disease. Niall wondered if he himself became infected, but assumed that he wasn't infected. Or was he?

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