Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


4. Persuade and get that one wants

Niall got an odd jobs one day. He had to follow up to Bobby's work and help to split firewood. Niall liked to work and he was proficient in using the ax. He could split logs rather quickly and he knew he was good at picking it all up and place it against a wall in tall rows. Niall had blocked what happened to Harry. It was something crazy happened when they were drunk! Nothing else!


Harry kept him self at a distance. He saw Niall standing with just a tank top on the upper body and chopping wood. Each musk in the young body was used and the sweat trickled over the skin. Harry had to admit that he was excited. In recent days, he had done nothing but dreaming of Niall. He had masturbated to the thought of touching him, and many times it went quickly. Niall attracted! Niall had a gorgeous body and he was anything but the spoiled boys at school. Harry could do nothing but drool over the blond boy, and he noted that every part of him was sexy. Some other girls farther away stood and did the same thing. They giggled and looked with wide eyes at Niall. Harry immediately became angry and went off to exhort on the spot.
"Make sure the girls are working!"


Harry's first boyfriend's name was Matt and he was anything but beautiful, but there was something about him that attracted Harry. They began by kissing on the sly, and one evening took Harry Matt up in the attic. They stripped themselves naked and hugged. They didn't have sex, but they masturbated each other. Harry remembers how he got Matt to moan loudly and he squirted cum halfway across the floor. It wasn't until much later that Harry got his virginity lost. An older boy taught him how to have sex, and Harry loved it. There was something about the feeling that just attracted him and after that day wanted Harry to have a boys. Not girls. They were so weird and didn't have a dick between the legs. Okay that Harry liked their breasts sometimes, but that was all. He had tried to get into it with a girl once, but when he should penetrate, slackened his boner and it was just embarrassing.


Harry didn't have any particular style of boyfriends or a certain image of how they would look like. Guys could be attractive in different ways, but Niall had everything. He had the body, resiliency, and he was pretty to look at. When Niall smiled or looked at Harry, he felt it in his stomach. There was something exciting about Niall, maybe that he didn't belong to the same social class or that he was so normal?


When evening came, he ran almost to Niall, before he had to go.
"Can't you stay?"
Niall was startled and looked almost terrified at Harry.
"No, I must go home!"
Harry tried to charm him, but Niall immediately showed that he meant business.
"So the kiss meant nothing?" Harry got out of himself and immediately startled the blonde guy.
"So you remember it?"
Harry nodded
"How could I forget?"
Niall blushed and looked down at the ground.
"I thought we were only influence by alcohol and it just happened!"
Harry almost wanted to slug him. Alcohol was no excuse for feelings! On the contrary Harry felt that it was the opposite.

"We have something going on between us!" Harry got out of himself, "You are feeling something for me and I'm feeling a lot of you!"
Niall blushed even more and almost seemed to do everything to avoid Harry's gaze.
"But I must go home, my parents are otherwise worried!"
Harry sighed
"I can tell them that you have to work or stay and help me with the animals?"
Niall looked up and frowned.
"You mean lie?"

Harry nodded and smiled,
"We can go down to the lake and swim, then you can follow me in and I cook for you? I'll do whatever you want as long as you stay for a while?"
Niall was unsure and didn't seem at all eager to follow. He looked over at Bobby and shook directly on the head
"I have to go with my father, otherwise he gets angry!"


Harry wasn't used that someone said no. Had it been another guy, he had followed and done all that Harry had wanted. Why didn't Niall do that? Why didn't he understand that Harry wanted him here and now?


In the end, Harry had a plan in his head. He went straight to the house and into Des offices. Without knocking on the door, he went straight in.
"Dad you have to do me a favour!"
Des looked up in surprise at him and smiled weakly.
Harry chose his words carefully.
"There's a guy, a son, of one of the workers, and I want him to stay and be with me!"
Des frowned.
Harry swallowed.
"He can play soccer and is good at it. Want him as a coach and practice with him!"
Direct rail Des up and nodded a little bit.
"Okay!  Tell me who he is and I'll see what I can arrange!"

Harry smiled weakly and nodded
"He's good at many things and I want him to train with me. I've seen that he can build muscle and you know how important it's for people like me, to stay in shape?"
His father sighed and nodded one last time
"Write who he is and I'll take it tomorrow! Okay?"
Harry nodded with satisfaction and wrote down Nialls name on the paper. He wrote down Bobby's name as the father and then smiled with satisfaction.
"Tomorrow I want you to hire him to be with me!"

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