Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


9. It's a deal!

Harry was happy when he saw Niall come walking towards the house, but soon he discovered that the Irishman wasn't in a great mood.
"What happened?"
Niall pulled Harry where no one else was, but looked down at the ground.
"I can't be employed any more and I have to quit my job!"
Harry was scared!
Niall gulped and blushed. He seemed at first not get the words out and finally he stammered.
"There are rumours ... and .... my dad ... he doesn't like what people say!"
Harry was a little irritated. There were always rumours of family styles, and where they are not devil worshippers, it was something else.
"What are they saying then?"

Niall gulped and almost whispered the words
"That you're gay and dad don't want me hanging out with gay men!"
Harry was losing his chin. He stared at Niall and swallowed.
"And your father doesn't want you to be with me?"
Niall sigh easy
"I don't know, but I don't want him to discover that we ... you know!"

Harry became angry and swallowed. He saw Bobby work further down on the farm and direct Harry took quick steps towards him. Niall didn't follow, but Harry wanted to clarify everything. Niall wouldn't be influenced by what people said and Harry hated that people were talking behind his back. Bobby turned around and met Harry's gaze. The young boy looked angry and he went with Bobby from all others.
"Your son gets paid to teach me to play soccer and to hang out with me!"
The old man nodded and seemed to understand what it was all about. Harry looked at him angrily.
"Rumours are always about my family and I don't want Niall affected by them. Okay?"
Bobby nodded uncertain, but Harry continued.
"Do you have something against me, I want you to talk to me in the first place and don' mix up your son. He's a wonderful guy and he doesn't deserve to rub elbows with the rumours!" 
Harry knew he was lying and that the villagers were right, but he wanted to keep Niall at any price and if it meant to lie, he lied!


Niall was almost shocked when Harry came back to him.
"What did you say?"
Harry laughed a little bit and pulled Niall against the house.
"To your father? That he won't listen to what others are saying!"
"But it's true?"
Harry gave him a quick glance and smiled charmingly.
"But that doesn't he know? What a man doesn't know give him no harm and I don't want him to destroy what we have between us!"


Niall didn't know what to say. Harry pulled him up to the room and locked the door behind them quickly.
"No person shall destroy between us!"
Niall frowned.
"You mean what you think that we've got? Please, Harry, I'm not gay and I don't know if I want to continue!"
Harry pulled Niall onto the bed and forced him down on the mattress. He lay down on top of the blonde boy and took his face between his hands.

Their lips met, but this time did Niall resistance.
"No I can't!"
Harry didn't give up and pressed herself against him. Niall groaned and looked into Harry's green eyes.
"You know that I'm not gay, so why continue?"
Harry smiled weakly and calmed down. He looked into the Irishman's blue eyes and tried to collect his thoughts.
"What we do is nothing wrong Nialler! We give each other love and teach each other how to be. It's true!"
Niall frowned.
"But love can only occur between a guy and a girl?"

Harry was almost disappointed! He had to persuade Niall in a different way, or did he have to give him time. Harry swallowed and felt that his stomach tingled.
"I love you! Isn't that true?"
Niall didn't know what to say. It wasn't wrong to love, but perhaps to love a guy? Or was it right?
"How do you know you love me?"
Harry smiled and stroked his cheek.
"My stomach tingles just I see you., I can't stop thinking about you and I get excited as you move in front of me!"
Niall blushed

Harry grinned slightly and began to move on the hip. He moved over Nialls member and directly responded Irishman.
"I get horny from your body and I love to touch you!"
Niall blushed even more and Harry let their lips met. He kissed him gently, trying to create friction between them. Niall groaned lightly and Harry knew he was affected. He unzipped their pants and pulled them down. Then he proceeded to rub between Nialls legs. They both whimpered slightly and Harry knew that he got what he wanted. Niall was like a kid under him and it was easy to control him.


Finally Niall groaned loudly and Harry looked down at their two boner. The top of their cocks appeared over the underwear and it got him to just move faster. Niall closed his eyes and seemed to like it. Harry smiled and pulled down their pants too. Then he kissed Niall and moving faster over his body. They groaned and the springs in the bed creaked slightly. Harry liked the sound and couldn't stop. It was so wonderful and Nialls skin was so soft. Niall came and moved quickly on the hips against Harry. He moaned and pressed herself up against him. He hid his face in Harry's neck and then came the fluid out. Harry smiled and continued move on the hip. He also wanted to come! Finally he reached the climax and felt his own cock began to throb. He groaned loudly against the Irish and pushed out the sperm between them. He groaned and shook. Then he landed on top of him exhausted.
"Don't tell me that this was wrong!" Harry mumbled and was panting lightly. "These were two bodies that wanted and we made it good for each other!"
Niall swallowed.
"You just want to have sex with me?"
Harry shook his head and looked into his eyes.
"No honey, I want all you beside me in all weathers and at all hours!"


Des had walked past Harry's door and he heard the sound from the bed. He heard the groans and slowly he realized that rumours was true about his son. Des gulped and didn't know what to think. But he chose to make what the rich always did!


Before Niall went home that day, he called him into the office. Niall sat down on the chair and Des watched him closely. He chose his words carefully.
"Harry is fond of you!"
Niall gulped and blushed slightly. Des understood what it was that Harry liked, but Des himself wasn't gay and had never even tested it in the fantasy.
"You two have come close to each other, very close!" Des smiled faintly and leaned back in his chair. "I will give you more in salary on one condition!" 
Niall gulped and dared not to meet his gaze. He avoided him and continued to blush.
Des looked closely at him
"Not a single word about what you are doing, what's happening between the two! It must stay between the two of you and I don't want to hear that you have said something to your father!"

Niall looked up at him for the first time and immediately realized the young boy that the father knew. Des knew that Harry had done more than just playing football.
"I promise!"
Des smiled with satisfaction, knowing that you could buy silence for money.
"I'll double your salary and this stays between us!"
Niall nodded and swallowed.
"But dad will understand when I get more money?"
Des realized that the Irishman was right. He thought for a bit about it.
"You get half as you're use and give the money to your parents., The other half you get on the side and may be hiding it, wasting it up or put in the bank?"
Niall nodded

Des was satisfied.
"And I hope you realize that this is a business agreement between the two of us?"
Niall gulped and nodded. The older man smiled with satisfaction and stood up.
"Your work is to be quiet and let my son be happy. Is there anything that doesn't suit you, you will at first come to me. Is there anything that goes wrong and you want to end the contract, you will first tell it to me!"

Niall nodded and sighed almost directly out. It was a relief that someone else knew about what happened and Niall felt a stone leave the heart. It was wrong to lie to his own parents, but at the same time the relationship was more accepted now.
"I promise, Mr Style!"
Des laughed a little bit and looked at Niall bottom and up. The young boy was actually beautiful and he had blue eyes that could get any girl to fall in love. Des wondered what it was like to fuck with a guy, but he hit it off right away. Niall was too young anyway and Des didn't wanted to test him. Still, the idea was triggered on and he looked down at Nialls body. Feisty, slim and pretty female. Interesting to fantasize about!

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