Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


11. Guarded

Niall noted quite soon that Des seemed to stare extra on him. Sometimes it was creepy and Niall wondered why? Maybe Harry's father didn't like to have him there, or maybe it was because he knew that they had sex? Niall couldn't figure out which, but didn't dare to ask. Instead Niall tried not to look so much at Des and thus he didn't have to notice the glances!


One evening, Harry and Niall sat on the balcony and was selected hidden from employees. They sat in the same chair and both had only swimming trunks on. They had been, and bathed and tried to warm themselves in the sun's last rays. Harry let one hand slide down over Nialls pants and got Irishman to respond directly.
"Not here!" Niall whisper. Harry grinned and began to kiss him. He pulled his palm over Nialls sensitive part and caused that Niall got boner. They groaned lightly and spread their lips so their tongues met.


Indoors Des stood and watched them closely. He saw how they were doing and actually he reacted to. He looked down at his pants and decided to pull them down. There was something about Niall who just attracted and Des slowly began to masturbate. He didn't let the boys with his eyes, and kept them under surveillance.


Harry slid down between Nialls legs and pulled out his cock. He took it in his mouth and began to slowly bring it in. Niall groaned loudly and took his hands over Harry's head. He looked around and noted that no one saw them. It was almost totally the wrong place to do it, but when Harry wanted to, you couldn't change him. Niall felt how he began to increase the pace and his curls on his head bounced up and down. Niall groaned louder and closed his eyes. He couldn't say against and actually it was nice. Harry pulled down his pants completely and he looked cheerfully up at Niall.
"Do you want to be blown or can I ride you?"
Niall blushed immediately and looked at him with wide eyes.
"You mean we should do it on the balcony?"
Harry just giggled and stood up. He pulled off his own pants, placed himself in the Irishman's lap and brought Nialls cock against the hole. Slowly he slid down and Niall penetrated.
"You're worth it darling and I want to feel you inside me!"

Niall groaned loudly and took his hands around Harrys waist. They kissed again and Harry slowly began to ride him. It was exciting to be in such a place, but at the same time didn't Niall want that someone would see them.


Des moaned loudly and he smiled big. He had seen Nialls body and he loved it already. The young boy would be his and it didn't matter what it cost. He moved his hand quickly and took out some papers. He groaned and pressed his face against the window. He saw just Nialls profile, but it was enough. Des felt how he come and he pressed the liquid out of the dick. He moaned, gasped and shook. Then he wipe away all traces of what had happened.


Niall came and pushed Harry over his cock. He was hard on him and moaned as quietly as he could. He shook and filled Harry. He felt it petered out and then he opened his eyes. Harry just smiled and took his hand against his own cock. He looked straight into Nialls eyes and began to move his hand quickly. He remained with Nialls slackened limb in the butt, but Harry loved it. He groaned and looked into the blue eyes. They kissed again and then felt Harry how he shook and he came. He moved his hand to the last drop had come out.


"You're so sexy!" Harry mumbled against Nialls lips and kissed him tenderly. "You're so perfect!"
Niall blushed.
"No, Haz, I'm just ..."
Harry shook the head and looked at him seriously.
"Believe me, darling! You are everything!"









Sorry if it was very dirty, but I couldn't describe Des differently. I wanted you to understand how disgusting he is and he's some kind of paedophile. Maybe not falling for small children, but for eighteen year old boys.....


Short chapters but comment if you want!

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