Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


13. Everyday and more in salary

Police arrived! Harry talked to them and let Niall be outside the story. Niall didn't know what they were talking about or what they came up with. He sat and waited for Harry. It was like an eternity, and the idea was that the police would take him to jail. They were inside the Des offices and Niall heard the voices. They talked a long time and they were talking in low voices.


The doors opened and the police came out. They looked at Niall for long and then waited for Harry, who came out shortly afterwards.
"Then we draw a line over this story?"
Harry nodded and smiled at them.
"And you will not record this conversation? If so, I will contact the family lawyers and it will not end well for you guys!"
The police nodded and left the house. Niall was astonished and stared at Harry.
"What happened?"
Harry smiled and came up to him. He took his arms around Nialls waist and was generally pleased.
"They're going to close down the investigation!" 
Niall just gaped
Harry kissed him lightly.
"Dad gives them annually money to keep quiet about certain things. If it comes out that the Lord is interested in little boys, it will end badly. They don't dig into what happened and no charges against me will be done!"


Niall was surprised! Money could really do it all and what Niall understood all won on the agreement. Okay it was a memory that he wanted to suppress, but still! Harry was pleased and Niall felt then that although he would be satisfied to. None of the story came out to the villagers and the rumour was that Des had had heart trouble.


"You know what I want to do?" Niall whispered to Harry one evening, when they lay in bed. "I want to go to the United States or around the world!"
Harry watched him closely and smiled big.
"Why don't you do it?"
Niall sighed
"My parents depend on my money and I can't afford. My idea was to gather it, but when?"
Harry turned completely around and looked at Niall
"I can take you there?"
Niall shook his head directly
"No, I want to save up money on my own. Otherwise, it's not me who pay for the trip!"


Niall found out what had happened in the end. Harry had alighted Des that he lost consciousness. Then he shoved a dildo in his rear end. The doctors didn't write it on the records, but talked about the son who gave back for rape. The problem was that no one knew who Des had made violence to at first. Grooming engines started and the portion thought it was Harry, secondly, that it was his wife. But no one guessed Niall!


Autumn came and the farm they worked on as normal. Harry held the strings and made ​​sure everything went on as usual. He was almost better leader against his father, but many didn't dare to admit it. The people in the village had great respect for Des.


Finally Des came home one day and immediately met Harry him in the hall. Des stopped in the doorway and gazed at his son. Niall stood behind Harry was a bar just scared.
"You're not going in until you promise one thing!" almost hissed Harry. Des gulped and nodded weakly.
Harry smiled weak
"If you so much as poke at Niall, I will do the same to you again, but this time I will not choose a normal dildo. I have larger sizes and they can cause more damage!"
Niall saw that Des was afraid of his son. He looked down at the floor and nodded weakly.
Harry continued
"And Niall doesn't want the double salary, which you promised. He wants more for the injuries you achieving in him., We're talking about double the salary again. Otherwise, the rumour comes up again and people find out that you like little boys?"

Des gulped and gave Niall a quick glance. Then he looked at Harry and seemed to think through everything. He nodded again and stepped into the hall.
"Sure he gets double of what I have already promised!"
Harry smiled with satisfaction and looked at him coldly.
"Welcome home, Daddy!"
Des swallowed
"Thank you!"


Harry took Niall out of the hall, and they chose to go to the lake. Harry held Nialls hand tightly and smiled at him.
"With the money you can go wherever you want. I saw that Dad just gives your parents salary and you'll save the rest!"
Niall blushed
"How do you know?"
He laughed a little bit to answer.
"Dad's perhaps not the best person, but he has the order of all contracts and all papers. He's careful to note down everything that is said between him and the employed. You have your own little folder!"
Niall blushed even more.
"What is it in my folder?"
Have laughed and stopped.
"No more than your get paid-up and how you want it paid. I guess that's all, but it's always something!"


They came down to the lake and threw all the clothes off. The water was a little colder than in the beginning of the summer, but they enjoyed every second. They dived and splashed water on each other. Eventually they went up on the beach and lay down on the back in the sand.


"What do you want to do in the future?" Niall got out of it. "I want to travel, but what do you want?"
Harry sighed and looked up at the clouds.
"Dad wants me to read further and become something, but I don't know, perhaps I run away from home and go to London?"
Niall laughed and looked at him.
"You, alone, in London?"
Harry nodded and was serious.
"I have contacts there and I know I could easily get modelling contract! You know they make pretty good money to be photographed?"

Niall nodded and wondered how it felt to have such an appearance? Niall himself believed that he wasn't looking at all good, but Harry actually looked like a model. He had a face that would fit in the magazine and as one could remember.
"You're beautiful!" Niall said dreaming, and it was the first time he gave Harry an edited compliment. Harry turned to look at him and looked into his eyes. He lit up.
"Thank you darling!"
Niall laughed a little bit and blushed.
"I'm anyway going to buy all the newspapers that you are in!"
Harry lay down on his side and looked into the blue eyes. There was a change in Niall and an direct question was whether it was positive?

"You are beautiful too, Niall!" he whispered directly. "You're beautiful in your own little way and I think you will be remembered because you are so cute!"
Niall laughed
"Big difference between being stylish or just to look cute!"
Harry shook his head
"No, there's no difference! You are so innocently beautiful that everyone just want to hold you. I'm tougher and I would like to be more like you!"
Niall looked at him and stopped to laugh
"We are opposites?"
Harry nodded
"Maybe we are, but that's what makes us work so well together!"

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