Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


6. difference

Niall felt like a slave, a person without a choice and when Harry pulled him through the property he just followed after. They went off to the stables and Harry took out two horses.
"Can you ride?"
Niall nodded slightly and watched as Harry took the horses saddles and all that was needed. Then Harry pointed on one horse and smiled at him.
"Jump up!"
Niall obeyed and watched as a stable boy just stared at them. Niall still felt stupid and he didn't know where he would watch.


Harry galloped away before Niall and they came out of the woods, quickly towards a lake where Harry stayed. He waited for Niall and then smiled at him.
"My dad owns a large land and the sea belong to us!"
Niall sighed and looked out over the lake. There he had fished many times as a child but there wasn't a lot of fish in the lake. Niall met Harry's gaze and smiled a little uncertainly.
"Why are you showing me this?"
Harry laughed a little bit.
"Aren't you impressed?"
Niall shook the head.
"Not over such thing, one can't really own land, the animals already own it and I believe that no one can control the animals!"
Harry snorted.
"Maybe not, but they are included in the estate!"


Harry was annoyed. Why wasn't Niall impressed? Didn't he know that Harry was rich and that Harry could offer him money? It was as if Niall didn't care about such things, but money was the only thing that created power and Harry liked power.
"So you want to remain poor?" He asked why. Niall sighed lightly.
"No, but I want to work my way to riches. I want to feel that I have something to fight for!" 
Harry stared easy on him.
"Okay, but maybe I can help you?"
Niall sighed
"You think that you can buy everyone?"
Harry smiled weakly and nodded lightly
"With the money you get far and no one turns down to a few extra notes!"
The Irish sigh easy and shook the head.
"You can't own people Harry and certainly not just because you have money. You deserve people's respect, you don't own it!"


Harry had a lot to think about! How would he get Niall to love him, to want him to stay? They left the horses in the stable and then they went Harry's usual tour around the farm. Harry had promised his father to keep an eye on the workers and he liked to tell them to work hard. They came over to Bobby and immediately went Niall away to him.
"How is it Dad?"
Bobby smiled and hugged his son easily
"Good and what do you do?"
Niall sighed lightly and gave Harry a quick glance
"We walk around and see how they all work!"
Bobby smiled and had to continue. Niall went back to Harry who looked a long time at him.
"Your dad likes to work huh?"
Niall nodded
"I come from a family that is accustomed to do that. My whole family works hard and when the day's over, we are grateful for the little things."


Harry didn't like Niall talked about how to be grateful and show respect. It was something that rich people didn't care about, and there were differences between them. Harry wondered how he would get the blonde to change opinions and become more like him. It couldn't be that hard?


They got food on the yard and in the shade of some birches were the table laid for Niall and Harry. It was the ordinary! Meat, potatoes and gravy with vegetables. Harry sighed and sat down. He noted that Niall looked wide-eyed at the plate and ate with gusto.
Niall smiled and nodded weakly.
"I love food and this was great good!"
Harry laughed lightly and leaned back in his chair. He watched Niall carefully and could do nothing but smile. Niall ate and then he looked at Harry.
"Where are your mom and dad? Don't you eat meals together?" 
Harry shook his head
"Nah! Dad has a lot to do and my mom are used to sit inside and eat. I'm more out here and we don't have anything to talk about!"
Niall frowned
"So rich people don't socialize?"
Harry laughed immediately.
"Well we do, but we have different lives and instead of one dinner, we eat when we can!"
Niall looked at him for a long time and then ate up the last thing on the plate. He said nothing more, and asked not about Harry's family. They were odd and Niall wondered if they even cared about each other?


The evening come, drew Harry with Niall down to the lake. The water was warm and not a soul in sight. Harry stripped naked and turned around to Niall.
"Take off your clothes, we go swimming!"
Niall hesitated and looked around, but not a single person in sight. Harry laughed lightly and came up to him. He pulled off Niall tank top and unbuttoned his pants.
"No one can see us here and it's nice!"
Niall nodded and undressed. Then they went into the water and actually, it was wonderful.


When they came up on the beach again stood Harry near Niall looked at him with my satisfaction.
"You're not used to this kind of a life?"
Niall shook his head
"I haven't done anything today!"
Harry laughed and took a few steps towards him. He ran his hand through Nialls wet hair and watched him closely.
"You just need to be with me for the salary!"
Niall frowned.
Harry let his lips slide over Nialls cheek and down to his neck. It was so exciting to see Nialls pale skin in the evening light, and his body was so perfect. Harry was taller than Niall and it made him feel more important in some way. Niall was smaller and more like a girl. Harry liked it! He let his hands slide around Nialls waist and continued to kiss his neck. Niall groaned lightly, but let his arms hang at the sides. Harry smiled and let their lips meet. It was a wonderful kiss and pretty soon parted Harry on the lips and let his tongue do it all. Niall seemed to like it and didn't resist.
"Hold me!" Harry whispered, and instantly he felt Nialls arms around his neck. Harry was excited and pressed their bodies against each other. He felt that even Niall had boner and he liked it immediately. Their hard limbs was pressed against each other and slowly began Harry rub up against his body. They groaned lightly and the kiss became more intense.


Harry put down Niall on his back and lay down on top of him. They ended up in a daze and their bodies messed up against each other. Harry did everything so that Niall would like what they did and in the end he felt he reached there. Niall groaned loudly and began to move his hip against Harry. He held his arms harder around Harry's body and followed every movement. It was as if it was meant to be and that they would be together.


In the end, Harry took his hand down between their legs and began to caress Nialls cock. It was so beautiful, so wonderful and so right size. Harry liked it and quickly began to jerk him off. Niall groaned and seemed completely in what Harry did with him. Finally he came and it squirted between them. Niall moaned loudly and pressed himself hard against Harry's hand. Afterwards, Harry did the same thing to himself. He pulled his hand quickly over his own member and looked into Nialls eyes. He moaned and came! It became more sperm between the, and Harry liked to see how he sprayed it all over Nialls stomach.


"This is our secret?" Niall whispered suddenly and looked into Harry's green eyes. "Your father doesn't know about that ....we.... you know?"
Harry smiled and kissed him. He lay down on top of Niall and felt it stuck between them.
"Our secret!" he mumbled and got Niall to relax. "Dad doesn't even know that I like boys!"


They got to swim again and then took them on the clothes. Harry hugged Niall and gave him one last kiss.
"Tomorrow you will come back right?"
Niall nodded uncertainly.
"That's what you pay me to do?"
Harry smiled weakly.
"Hmmm! Daddy pays you, but I get you!"

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