Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


12. Des

Niall woke up the next morning that Harry almost pushed him out of bed. Niall sighed lightly and chose to go up. He took off his clothes and showered. In a way, he had become accustomed to stay in the house, but he still felt like a lover to Harry. Ignoring that Harry wanted to have lots of sex, Niall liked to stay there. They always had the clothes and there was always a lot of food to eat. You need not to feel any fear in the night, and there was room for everything. The negative was Harry's dad who seemed to have the bad habit of staring at Niall. It was those eyes that almost felt throughout the body. Niall always got goosebumps and felt discomfort. Okay that the old man paid the salary, but how much more would Niall cope with?


Niall put on his clothes and chose the newer ones. Harry had made sure that he got a whole new wardrobe and new clothes. Everything just to maybe suck up more for Niall? The Irishman didn't care, and took the gifts. He couldn't say no and walk in the old ones?


Niall left the room and crept down to the kitchen. They always had food and at this time of the morning was just Niall up. He used to talk to staff and so they saw that he also was human. Many seemed to like him and had stopped to look askance at him. Niall wasn't the one who took advantage of people, but in a way he did it with Harry. After all, he got paid and it was a lot of money was involved. For Harry maybe it was just pennies, but for Niall, it meant everything.


"Good morning, Mr. Horan!"
Niall laughed and smiled at the female chef. She was already up and prepared for the day. Niall smiled big and walked up to her.
"So what's on the menu today, Miss Smith?"
She smiled with her whole face.
"How many times must I tell you that my name is Minnie?"
Niall was happy
"As many times as I need to tell you, my name is Niall!"

She laughed a little bit
"Okay Niall, today it will be some fish, I think, and a lot of vegetables!"
Niall showed that he was pleased with the choice and then chose to pick for himself some breakfast. He sat down at the table for the employee, because he didn't want to sit alone in the dining room. He ate and felt him slowly filled the stomach.


All of Des popped up and everyone in the kitchen was serious. Minnie looked at him and curtsied as she could.
"Good morning, Lord!"
Des snorted lightly at her and looked instead at Niall
"Can you come into my office after dinner?"
Niall looked up in surprise and nodded weakly. Des merely smiled and disappeared again.
"Wonder what he wants?" Niall mumbled and Minnie agreed.
"He's good weird, but he's paying us good money!"


Niall knocked on the door and Des opened directly. He let him in and then locked the door. Niall was surprised and turned around. Des took a few steps towards him and looked at the young boy from the bottom up.
"You do something for me!"
Niall swallowed
"Okay what?"
Des began to undress naked and immediately became Niall scared.
"What shall I do?"
Des smiled at him and was finally naked on the floor.
"I want to have sex with you and you get money for it!"
Niall backed
"And if I don't want to?"
Des smiled cold
"Then I tell your parents what you are doing here!"

Niall had no choice and immediately he began to shake of widespread fear. Des began to undress Niall clothes and as soon as he was naked groaned the old man easily.
"You're so fucking sexy for being so young and for being a boy!"
Niall swallowed and said nothing. He felt the old man began to move his hands and he stood suddenly kneeling. He began to touch Nialls cock and took it between his lips. Niall groaned, but he remained slack. Des looked wonderingly up at him.
"Come on and get hard for me!"
Niall shook the head and swallowed. Directly Des stood up and turned him around. He forced Niall to bend forward and then he penetrate. It hurt, but Niall didn't dare to say anything. Instead, he bit the bullet and heard the old man began to moan and he moved quickly.



Harry woke up refreshed and saw Niall come into the room. He quickly disappeared into the bathroom and locked the door. The water was running, and Harry wondered what had happened. He leapt out of bed and went to the toilet door. He tapped it.
He heard the Irishman cried and he heard how he washed himself.
"What happened?"
No answer!

"What is it honey? Has something happened?"
Still no answer!


Finally came out Niall and Harry immediately saw that his eyes were swollen from crying. Harry took his face between his hands and looked straight into his eyes.
"Please, what happened?"
Niall gulped and new tears began to come. He opened his mouth but seemed to afraid to talk. Harry didn't give up and eventually he got Niall to open up.
"Your father!" he whispered. "Your father raped me!"


Bobby heard the altercation far down on the farm. Harry and Des had come together again, but this time smashed things against the floor and the walls and it was heard that this was serious.
"Should we call the police?" someone asked, but Bobby showed with his hands that they wouldn't put themselves in.
"They don't care about us, so why should we care about them?"


Later in the afternoon, an ambulance come and took a body in. Bobby was a little apprehensive and saw Harry on the stars. Directly he ran to him.
"What happened?"
Harry swallowed and it seemed that he had been crying. He wiped away some blood from his face and met Bobby's gaze.
"Nothing! Continue to work!"



Niall stayed in bed and just cried. Harry came in and disappeared into the bathroom. He showered and then came out again. Naked, he went and lay down next to Niall and hugged him tightly.
"I took care of it!"
Niall hugged Harry back and pressed himself hard against him. He wanted to say thanks, but didn't dare. The question was whether Harry had killed Des or if he still was alive. Harry pulled his hands through Nialls hair and kissed his forehead tenderly.
"I'll take care of you and you'll never see the fucking idiot again. I'm thinking of calling the police, but I don't think they do anything. Daddy owns them!"

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