Once I found you - Narry

Harry just wanted the blonde guy. For any price! Niall was everything he was looking for. Niall had problems! He wasn't gay and he didn't understand what Harry was looking for. Rich people could always get who they wanted, but slowly Niall followed with the demands and to what Harry wanted. Slowly a shape formed and went to something else!


7. Boyfriend?

(Note: a sex scene that might be a bit more described that the previous)




On Saturday, Harry ran up the car and waited for Niall. As soon as the young boy came, honked Harry and got him to come and sit beside him. Niall looked crestfallen on the car and put on his belt.
"Where are we going?"
Harry laughed and sped away.
"You'll be with me and buy clothes for us!"
Niall frowned
Harry nodded and put on music.
"Yep, we're going to London and do some shopping. I need some sport clothes, so my dad thinks I work out and you need new clothes in total!"


Niall had rarely been to London. It was exciting to go with Harry and they went into the expensive places. Okay that Niall didn't depend on money, but he saw how the employees in the stores courted them as soon as Harry showed up debit card.


Harry got Niall to start trying on clothes and in the end they had almost bought a new wardrobe for him. Nialls face shone with happiness and Harry loved to see him happy. They shoved all the bags in the car and then pulled Harry with him to a restaurant.
"We need to eat food!"
Niall laughed and went along. Harry sat down at a table and Niall placed himself on the opposite off him. The menu arrived and immediately Niall balked.
"It's expensive?"
Harry smiled and nodded with satisfaction.
"Clearly it's expensive, it's a nice food and you can order what you want!"


Niall was gorged and sat contented leaning back in his chair. He almost wanted to burp, but it was a nice restaurant and it certainly wasn't a lot in there that would appreciate a burp. Right as it was came up a guy to the table and Harry stood up happily. He hugged him and looked into his eyes.
"Matt? What are you doing here?"
Matt looked quickly at Niall and then at Harry again.
"Doing business with dad. He has chosen me to take over the company one day and wants to learn everything. What're you doing here then?"
Harry smiled big.
"I buy clothes for me and Niall!"
Matt looked down at Niall again and his eyes said it all. Niall was stylish and Matt liked what he saw. Harry had a great boyfriend, and it was as Matt was almost jealous. 
"Where did you find him?"
Harry laughed and noted that Niall blushed.
"That I'm not going to talk about. Then, you just show up and take over my territory?"
Matt laughed and gave Harry one last hug.
"You haven't changed? We must meet one day and share old memories?"
Harry nodded and liked that Matt really wanted to hang out.
"Okay, you can call when you have time? I'm at home on the farm and it's pretty boring there. Would be fun to do something different!"


Niall looked at Harry when Matt had walked away from the table.
"Who was that?"
Harry smiled big
"My first boyfriend from school!"
Niall was silent and realized that Harry really was gay. He had boyfriends already and seemed more familiar than Niall. He himself was still unsure if he had the same feelings for guys. Okay that Harry knew how to do stuff but at the same time he was a boy and not a girl.


When they came out of the restaurant, took Harry direct Nialls hand in his and smiled at him.
"Then we say so, then you're my boyfriend?"
Niall blushed immediately and didn't know what to say. It felt strange to be called a boyfriend, especially for Harry.
"Eh, do you mean that?"
Harry nodded with satisfaction and gave him a light kiss on the cheek.
"Yes, and don't think I want anything else. You are mine and I'll make sure you stay!"
Niall followed uncertain after Harry and noted that some people noted that they held hands. Niall just blushed more but didn't dare say no to Harry. After all, it was great that they showed it openly and Niall hadn't even had a girlfriend yet. Boyfriend was at least the next best thing and maybe that Harry would one day realize that it was wrong of them. Maybe Harry would lose interest and find a girl instead?


Niall was almost shocked when Harry pulled him into a store that sold sex toys. Inside, there was everything you could imagine and Harry seemed so used to being there. Niall blushed slightly and tried to avoid looking at things. There was everything! Big dildo, clothing, dolls for both boys and girls to have sex with. Harry noted his reaction and laughed a little bit.
"Everyone does it Niall! There's nothing to be ashamed of, and toys can be fun to use!"
Niall didn't answer and went with Harry up to one that worked there.
"Lubricants" Harry said without shame and then he bought it by the clerk.


When they got back to the car to Harry laughed Niall.
"We have to have lube if I'll penetrate you!"
Niall was about to lose his breath and he realized what Harry was talking about.
"But .... I never ...!"
Harry unlocked the car and smiled with amusement.
"I know and therefore it's important to do it right the first time!"
"Do you want me just to have sex with?"
Harry shook his head directly.
"No, I have you because I want you all the time!"


Harry drove them out of London and right as it was they stopped outside a motel. Niall looked wonderingly at him and swallowed.
"And what are we doing here?"
Harry laughed
"Wait!" Then he jumped out of the car and disappeared into the motel. Niall knew almost what Harry was looking for, but didn't dare to say anything. Harry rented a room and he picked Niall after a while. He retired with him to a room and locked the door behind them.
"It sounds pretty much the first time, so we can't do that at home!"
Niall spun around and was almost terrified.
"But I might not want you to do it with me?"
Harry grinned
"You will love it and I promise you will scream with pleasure!"
Harry stripped naked and then he came up to Niall. He pulled off the clothes until he stood completely naked on the floor. Harry pressed himself against his body and smiled big.

"It's all about technique and you must listen to me!"
Niall swallowed
"Or what?"
Harry smiled and began to lightly kiss him.
"Otherwise, it hurt!"


They kissed each other and ended up in bed. Niall forgot right away what Harry had said, and was excited just by their bare skins. Harry smiled and stroked him all over his body. He took out the lube and looked into Nialls eyes.
"You need to relax and not tighten up even once!"
Niall nodded and felt Harry kissed him again. He took the lube over his cock and then he parted Nialls legs. Harry moved a hand over Nialls cock and took his other against the hole. Instead of penetrating he let fingers play and stroking around the hole. Niall groaned loudly and felt then, after while, a finger penetrated. A new feeling appeared and he groaned against Harry's ear. Finger number two slid in and Niall didn't know if he would scream or not.
"Relax!" Harry whispered hoarsely, and laughed a little bit. "I'm careful!"

Harry put Niall almost double under him and looked up his own cock. He brought it to Niall and pretty soon he began to penetrate. Direct Niall closed his eyes and almost screamed of shared emotions. Harry was careful and penetrated inch by inch. Finally he had come all the way in and started to kiss Niall. He kissed him hard and got the blond boy to moan loudly. Harry slowly began to move on his hip and brought his cock slowly in and out. Niall moaned and pressed himself against Harry. They ended up pretty quickly in a fast pace and Harry groaned lightly against Nialls lips.
"You like that?"
Niall whimpered and nodded. He took his hand and began to pull it over his own member. He moaned and turned up against Harry's body. They groaned and sweated by all the emotions that swept over them.


Harry took Nialls legs over his shoulders and moved quickly towards him. He bounced against Nialls butt and a smacking sound was heard. Harry loved it and he enjoyed every movement he made. Niall was absolutely wonderful! Niall low double under him and Harry loved to see how he enjoyed having sex. Nialls hand moved rapidly over his own cock and he groaned, moaned and almost cried with all the emotions. In the end, Harry come and he pressed hard into Niall. He felt his penis squeezed out sperm and how it vibrated. A wonderful feeling spread throughout the body, and he shook with emotion. He almost screamed and whimpered.


Afterwards, he slid down between Nialls legs and began to suck the blonde off. He brought it in, the hard part, between the lips and quickly began to move his head. Niall groaned loudly and took his hands over Harrys head. It didn't take long before Niall pumped out liquid and Harry took it. Niall moaned and screamed. Finally he relaxed and landed against the mattress.


"Well?" Harry was laughing out they let go off Nialls exhausted part.
"Damn!" Niall groaned and opened his eyes. He looked down at Harry, breathing fast. Sweat poured longest with his forehead and he was all red in the face. "That was more than I could have imagined!"
Harry grinned wide and sat right up in the bed.
"I said you would love it!"

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