Bumping into a local stranger can just be an average thing. You see them a lot, you might even pop in a little hello every now and then.
But when this person has fallen deeply for you, what is there to do?
Meet 'local stranger', or as some might say, Harry Styles.


4. "Silence!"

Victoria's P.O.V]

The sound of the letter box flipping up and crashing back down woke me. I blinked several times, until I realised that I was facing my bedside table, which had my clock on it. That wouldn't be so much of a problem unless it didn't say it was lunchtime. I had overslept!

Stumbling towards my wardrobe, I slipped on a tshirt, which has one of them meaningful quotes on that nobody pays attention to, and put on some skinny grey jeans and ran out the door tying my hair up. I caught the bus to my class, and the traffic was awful.

I made it to 3rd lesson in time and sat next to one of the louder girls in the class. I laid my books on the table and reached in my bag for a pen.

"Wow, you look like hell." She whispered too loudly to me. Nathan Ross, utter douchebag, turned round from his seat and giggled.

"Thanks Gee." I replied sarcastically to Georgia.

"No problem. Hey, what page are we supposed to be on?"

"Um, I'm not sure, I wasn't-"

"Silence! You! What is your name?" A fist slammed against my desk, a piercing set of eyes staring at me. The whole class was looking and my cheeks flushed.

"V-Victoria Walsh, sir, I-"

"Enough of it! You will remain isolated for the rest of this class!" He yelled. He had far too hairy eyebrows, an almost too clean suit and grey hairs poking out of his bald head. Crooked glasses sat on the edge of his nose and he really needed to learn what deodorant was.

"God he needs to get a life." Georgia complained to no one in particular, "ignore him Vic- he's new and a bit of a strict arse." Nathan Ross was fully turned to Georgia now, in awe of her.

He laughed at everything she said and batted each and every eyelash of his until a whack on his desk echoed around the room.

"Silence!" the professor shouted, going red with anger in the face. I couldn't help but let out a whimper of laughter and the teacher gave me a stern look, before carrying on how to win an investigation.

After lesson, I caught up with Adele. She was in the law class next door to me. She wants to be legal secretary.

"Vicky, over here!" She waved. I walked over to her, "So, haven't you got that fit new professor teaching you? That's what Sara said- oh my god you are so lucky! I wouldn't be able to concentrate, I'd be constantly daydre-" She was cut off by our professor walking out the door and past her, accidently nudging her shoulder. She was stood there, shocked, unable what to say.

"Don't always believe what Sara says, Adele" I laughed, feeling wise.

"I, I-" She was cut off by her stunnedness, if that's a word.

"Anyway, I've got the rest of the day off, so I'm gonna go home and revise and get ready for later. What time are you picking me up again?"

"About half 7. Oh my god I am so excited. Did I tell you who Sara invited? You will never believe it!"

"And I don't care either." I said walking off, "See you at half 7!" I shouted down the corridor, my back turned to her. I pushed past a few of the students standing around with their mates, or some on their own texting. Home time for me.

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