Bumping into a local stranger can just be an average thing. You see them a lot, you might even pop in a little hello every now and then.
But when this person has fallen deeply for you, what is there to do?
Meet 'local stranger', or as some might say, Harry Styles.


7. His green eyes light up as he agrees with me.

[Harry's P.O.V]


"I thought I definitely remembered you from somewhere.." I say, trying to collect my memories of where I had seen her. My thoughts were cut off by Amanda shuffling closer to me, staring at Vicky, before saying something about leaving early. I declined, and she sat sulking, pouting her little mouth.

"So, I'm going to go hook Sara up with that saucy little bugger who's staring at her! Ooh, Sara!" Adele teases.

"I think I might come too, this could be funny." Amanda stands up and pulls her dress down by shuffling it down her thighs. As soon as she steps forward, it rides up again and I can't help staring at her. She swishes her wavy hair in front of one shoulder before holding hands with Adele. They walk off laughing.

  I decide to break the silence between me, Vicky and Louis.

"Did you know that that Sara girl is actually a man?"

"What?" Vicky turns to me.

"Did you hear what I said?" I ask.

"No, sorry, I was watching people. I'm a people watcher." She smiles enthusiastically.

"Oh right- what's that?"

"Well I er, I guess I just watch what different people are up to, I suppose." She brings her bottom lip into an awkward frown. I sit up in my seat.


[Victoria's P.O.V]


Harry sits himself up on the sofa, placing his bottle on the table in front.

"What drink is that?" Louis asks, "it smells like shit, Harry."

"Its probably you, Lou, you always stink of shit."

"Shut up, man, I do not."

"You do." Harry protests. I've no idea what to say or do, I think they've forgotten that I am here, so I do a little awkward leg crossing, but it gives me pins and needles.

"Right, well, I'm gonna go find a girl. Laters." Louis stands up, brushing the crisp crumbs off of his skinny legs.

"Bye." Harry looks up at Louis, then back down to me. "Don't worry- it's only water. I hate alcohol. So have you been here long?"

"Long enough. I moved here when I was three."

"Oh. You were that girl who walked in the bakery the other day, right!"


"I thought I recognised you from somewhere. Sorry about Barbara- she's a bit, um, what's the word?"


"Yeah!" His green eyes light up as he agrees with me. "Do you want to-" Harry is cut off by Amanda giggling and leaping onto the spare spot next to him. Harry looks down and picks up the bottle, sighing as Amanda spoke.

"Harry, babe. I called a taxi." Amanda says in her Essex sounding voice.

"But I told you- I don't want to go yet."

"Well tough tits honey! There is literally a cab on the way. Come on." She yanks him up with her arm and pulls him around the seating area.

"Bye Vicky." He says, Vicky glaring at him, whilst he stares me emotionless. He continues to look until he is pulled away far enough so that he can't see me anymore.

 I was sat here again, alone. With no one else. With Harry gone.


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