Bumping into a local stranger can just be an average thing. You see them a lot, you might even pop in a little hello every now and then.
But when this person has fallen deeply for you, what is there to do?
Meet 'local stranger', or as some might say, Harry Styles.


2. "Don't come dressed as Cinderella."

I got back to my flat quite safe, but some idiot decided to swerve in front of me on the way back in his flash Mercedes. Don't worry, a few swear words were shared. I put my groceries away where they belong and sat slumped on the sofa with my revision in my hands. I stared at my surroundings- my flat wasn't great, I mean I had my Sainsburys job, but that was pretty rubbish in paying, but it kept me going. My parents payed for this place, but it's quite shit to be honest. I have a small bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small space big enough for a sofa, bookcase and a tv. I've been meaning to speak to the uni to see if I could transfer to one of their dorms.

  Revision wise, I guess I should get cracking. My main focus is law- I've always wanted to be a lawyer. Ever since my mum or dad started to get me to do this or that, I'd always close them down with reasons why I shouldn't do it. It just came naturally I suppose.

  I couldn't concentrate on my studies right now though, I kept thinking about that boy back in the bakery. What was his name again? Harley, I think? My thoughts were cut off by the marimba ringtone on my phone.


"Hey Vic, it's me. We're having a gathering in the dorms tomorrow, fancy coming down?"

"Adele, you know I bloody hate parties."

"Correction, I said gathering, not party. There's only gonna be a few of us, capiche?"

"Fine, is it themed or whatever you do at these gatherings?"

"Um.. we're not 6, don't come dressed as Cinderella." Adele laughed, sarcasm clear in her voice.

"I knew that. So what time do I have to be there, and where?" I ask.

"Oh I'll pick you up at about 7:30, and get spruced up! My mate Sarah has invited some well buff boys!"

"Um right.. well okay. See you tomorrow."

"Okay, bye sweetie!" And with that, she was gone. I lock my phone and get back to doing some actual revision.





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