Bumping into a local stranger can just be an average thing. You see them a lot, you might even pop in a little hello every now and then.
But when this person has fallen deeply for you, what is there to do?
Meet 'local stranger', or as some might say, Harry Styles.


3. Cream crackered.

[Harry's P.O.V]


"Who's gonna be at this party then?" I sarcastically yawned.

"Bare loads of us! It's going to be wicked- honestly Harry, you'll love it. We all know how much you like to get down." Adele's voice enthusiastically chirps down the phone.

"Go on then. But if its crap, then I'm leaving." I reply.

"Whatever, loser. See you there. Meet at the Rooftop Gardens at about 8."

"K, bye." I hang up.


I swear to god, this better be good. These parties we get are pretty rubbish to be honest, Adele usually gets really drunk and throws a flop, and then Belle always gets off with all the lads going. But, hey I guess it'd be nice to spend some time with my friends since all I've ever been doing is baking shit.


"Oi, Connor, would you turn that fucking music down?" I shout through the walls. I love my music but when it's Austin Mahone, damn no. Connor, a 'mahomie' or whatever they're called? Ha. The music blares through the walls, sending vibrations through my body. This is taking the piss. I open the door, walk down the corridor and bang at his door. Halfway through a bang, he opens the door and I stumble.


"What, man?" He asks confused.

"Can you turn down that shitty Austin Carhone?"

"Yes. May I just add, its Mahone, not Carhone." He replies with a genuine smile on his face. What the hell.

"Okay bye." And with that, I turned around and strolled back to my dorm room. Door locked. Lights off. Time for bed- because as they say, I am cream crackered!


(Hey guys, I hope you're all enjoying this so far! I'm sorry that the chapters are quite short at the moment- but once I actually get somewhere with this book, I promise they'll be longer! Just a quick note, I imagine Harry as um Harry Styles obviously. I picture Victoria as Barbara Palvin (just not the one in underwear haha), Adele as Charlotte Crosby and Connor as Graham Rogers!xxx)



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