Rolling wth it

Lexi Reed is a girl that gets beat ever since her mom got killed what happens when she moves with her aunt?


2. The Fun Day With The Guys

The Fun Day With The Guys 

~Lexis Pov~


 I woke up to all the boys jumping on my bed and screaming for me to get up. I Got Up and got dressed then went down stairs and then boys was waiting on me. "We are going out to eat" Austin said. I just strugged my shoulders then we left.


~At The Food Place~


Alex informed us that his girlfriend was going to meet us there. When we got there, there was a girl hat had been waiting on us i guess she was Alex's girlfriend i found out her name was Sarah. We set there and talked. When it was time to leave Sarah Pulled me to the side and told me to stay away from Alex.Then walked away.




Sarah has been acting strange ever since i introduced her to Lexi. I wonder what her problem is. Well any way i invited her to come hang with the boys and me she said She couldn't she was busy. When we got to Austin's house Lexi went straight to her room. "Well that was weird normally she hangs out with us" I said. "She been acting that way since Sarah pulled her to the side" Austin replied. When did Sarah pull her to the side i thought?  "Im going to go check on her." I told the guys when i got up the stairs the door was already open so i just walked in. "Hey Lexi are you okay" i asked. Yeah why wouldnt i she replied back. Its just you have been acting strange. Im alright just tired. Okay what did Sarah say to you when she pulled you a side? Wait you noticed that? No the guys did so just answer my question. She told me to stay away from you. What she would say that she dont care if you hang out with me. Yes she does she doesnt want me to be around you. After she said that i went back down to the boys said that i had to go see Sarah really quick and i will be back.


~Authors Note~


I know this is a short chapter but there will be more!!! 

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