Rolling wth it

Lexi Reed is a girl that gets beat ever since her mom got killed what happens when she moves with her aunt?


1. Meeting Friends

Lexi Pov


Get down here Slut now! i heard my dad scream 


I went down stairs to see what he wants. I'm used to him calling me those names because he has abused me since my mom died when i was 7 he has always blamed for her death. 


What the hell took you so fucking long to get down here! He yelled


Maybe because i walked down there and don't jump up every time you call me a slut.. I mumbled


Are you getting an attitude with me bitch! He yelled while slapping me on the face


The next thing i know is I'm in the back of the ambulance and my dad was getting put in the back of the police car. Then i blacked out. When i woke up i was in the hospital and the nurse walked in. I  asked her what had happened and she said a near by person called the police. So where is my dad now i asked. She replied back hes in jail and is not getting out any time soon. So who will i be staying with I'm only 16. You will be staying with your aunt in San Antonio, Texas.After that she walks out and the police walks in to talk to me.


~One week later~



I just got off the plane and saw my aunt and run up to hug her and then we get in the car to go to her house. When i get there Michelle showed me around. I asked her where Austin is and she said in his room with his friends and i could go up  there if i want to but i just went to my room to get it setup. I started by setting my hats out. Then it was time for dinner.


When i get down the stairs Austin still isn't down then the next thing i know five teenage boys came down the stairs. Austin was surprised and said i didn't know you was here . Then he introduced me to his friends we ate and we talked. Then i went upstairs  to my room and then all five boys walked in and the first thing they noticed was all my hats. They all started going straight foreword the hats. They all asked for a hatand i said no. By the time they got done it was midnight so i had to go to sleep there is no telling what we will do tomorrow!


~Authors Note~


I hope you enjoyed the first chapter let me know that you think. <3


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