Rolling wth it

Lexi Reed is a girl that gets beat ever since her mom got killed what happens when she moves with her aunt?


3. Break Up?!?!?!

Alex Pov


I got to Sarah's house and there was a car i've never seen before there so i go and ring the bell and Mrs.Wright answers the door. Hello Mrs.Wright is Sarah home? Yeah she upstairs you can go up there if you want. I go up the stairs after telling her thank you and when i got to her bed room door i opened it and there was Sarah and Emily. I asked if i can talk to sarah alone and we got in a big fight about it. 


~Conversation/Fight Alex: A Sarah: S~


A: Hey Sarah


S: Hey Alex What are you doing here


A; Lexi told me what you said to her 


S: She was supposed to keep her mouth shut


A: Well if u have a problem with girls being around me we are going to have a problem


S: Well if u keep going around her we are going to have a problem.


A: What are u saying?


S: If you keep going around her we are going to break up.


A: You Know what I'm done we are threw.



Back at home


When i walk in the guys are playing video game and i told them what happen and .said i was going to go talk to lexi. When i get up to lexis room she was asleep i kissed her forehead and then walked out and went to play games with the guys. We played tell 5 in the morning and then we decided to just stay at Austins house so we went to bed and then i heard some one get up so i went to see who it was and see lexi was up i went to talk to her after i told what happen she started blaming her self and i told her that it wasn't her fault and that we should go to be.


When we got to the top of the stairs i said Lexi she tured around and i just kissed her then walked to Austins room with a smile of my face.


Authors Note


I Am also writing a new story  its called "Im a Daughter of The Louis Tomlinson"

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