Letters he wrote *sequle to shattered*

In the last book Louis found an old box filled with letters that niall wrote to Louis and never sent. Will the truth be relived or will it stay a screat? What will Louis do? How will he react to the letters? Will he get a surprise visit from an old friend?


13. The great news!

Niall's pov:

I ended up falling asleep in Louis's room. I woke up to see 3 boys all leaning over me with teary eyes. I sat up slowly as they made room from me. They just stood their staring at me and Louis was no where to be found. I guess they wanted me to say something. Only thing is what should I say? "um....Hi?" They all burst into tears sending me into a bit of a shook their. "What's wrong guys did I say something to upset you?" Liam walked up to me and with teary eyes said, "Niall theis aren't tears of sadness their tears of joy. Joy because your alive and you came back to us after all.

"Well yea I came back because I saw how much you all need me."


Louis's pov:

 I had woken up early to make breakfast for me and Niall after texting the lads that Niall was back. I was just about to start making eggs when Niall came down stairs. "Moring niall." I said with a big smile on my face. Then I noticed Harry, Liam , and Zayn falling behind him. "Niall I didn't know you had the lads over looks like I have to make some more food." Niall walked up to me and said, "Here Louis you've done enough all ready let me cook. Plus you burnt the food." I smiled but gladly moved out of the way and let him do his thing.

I walked over to the lads and talked to them about how things where going. In the middle of our nice conversation Harry blurted something out. " Guys we should get the band back together . I mean Niall's back and he doesn't know that their is no One Direction any more.  I could call Simon up and see if hell reassign us." We all looked at him not knowing what to say. "Well you do have a point their Harry with Niall knowing. But we cant hide it form him either. He's bound to find out sooner later." Liam said pointing at Harry and then at Niall.

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