Letters he wrote *sequle to shattered*

In the last book Louis found an old box filled with letters that niall wrote to Louis and never sent. Will the truth be relived or will it stay a screat? What will Louis do? How will he react to the letters? Will he get a surprise visit from an old friend?


10. Letter 9

Dear Louis

This is the 9th letter I have for you. This letter tells you why I have to go.

I held my breath for a second here. This is it the letter I have been waiting for. This letter may just tell me what I 've wanted to hear for awhile now. Why he had to go. I went back to the letter now.


The reason that I killed myself ;) was because I wasn't need any more. It was time for me to let go and move on. Now Louis im afraid to say it but its your turn. Only you are lucky you have a choice. You don't have to go yet. You have the choice to move on with out me. Or you can live on the shadows in the past when I was still with you.

Its your choice to make and no one is stopping you.  You can spread your wings and fly away. The question is will you choose to take flight or will you stay and wait. I don't know what you choose. What I do know is that depending on your choice we may meat again.  I know that you will make the right choice Louis.;) See you soon Lou Lou!!!!


Why did he make a winking face at me twice? What did he mean make a choice and we will see each other again real soon.  I went down stairs and told the lads about the letter. I told them I didn't know what it meant. I asked them what they thought about it. They all shrugged their shoulders and said, "Why don't you just read the next letter." The next letter would be letter 10. That would be the end to hearing form Niall. The end to what ever I have left of Niall.


I stood their un shore of what to do next. Do I read the last letter putting an end to it all? Or do I just leave it as it is and hold on to what is left I don't know im so confused.

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