Letters he wrote *sequle to shattered*

In the last book Louis found an old box filled with letters that niall wrote to Louis and never sent. Will the truth be relived or will it stay a screat? What will Louis do? How will he react to the letters? Will he get a surprise visit from an old friend?


7. Letter 6

Dear Louis

I had the best day ever today with you. We were laughing and cracking jokes all day long. It felt really good to spend a day with you. I had your attion on me for the hole day. It was like a dream come true for me. You brought me to the arcade and you brought me to the fair. We went on every ride their 3 times in row. I got dizzy and threw up in the closet garbage can. You pated me on the back and laughed.

We took a bunch of selfies were we did funny  faces. When asked you if you liked Harry you looked at me and would say, "Harry who's Harry I don't believe I have ever meet a harry. I would feel bad him thew."  I looked at you all confused. You smiled and laughed and made silly faces at me. When I asked  you why you felt bad for him. You smiled and said, "Well he's all harry and that's just gross and weird if you ask me."

I laughed at your joke and we headed home. I didn't really want to go home at all. If I could have it my way I would have stayed here with you for ever. O well were home now so im going to go and hide upstairs in my room.


I smiled at this one. That was the best memory that I could ever ask for with Niall. I was really glad that I had done that thing with Niall. It left me with at least one memory were he was really happy.

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