Letters he wrote *sequle to shattered*

In the last book Louis found an old box filled with letters that niall wrote to Louis and never sent. Will the truth be relived or will it stay a screat? What will Louis do? How will he react to the letters? Will he get a surprise visit from an old friend?


6. Letter 5

Harry's pov:

Lou told us every hting that he read from the diary of nialls to the letters. Now we all sat on the bed that niall ounce slept on every night. Louis opend the letter up and began to read out loud so we could all hear.

Dear Louis

I dont know what to really say today to you. I guess ill start off by saying hi to you. Its still not getting easy to talk you. I thought that beacuse my life would be over soon any way it would be eaiser to talk to you. Well i guess that was a lie then. I started to cute and starve my self. I odnt like doing it but I have to. I need to get my body ready for its death. Thats right Louis in about 5 more days this all coemes to end.

I just want you to know that I  love you I really do. Also I don't know if the band stayed to geather at all but if it did. Welll.... tell the lads i miss them all ready and i hope to see them on the other side soon but not to soon. Also tell them not to live their lives for me but to live on for them selves and the ones that love them alot. They are all really strong and they just dont know it.

Alt of times I wish I could have been as strong as them. I wish that it didnt have to all come to this and end just here.Ounce again i have to go but not becuase of you this time. Its our day off so we got nothing going on yet. I just have to go becuase its 3:00 I have to go cut and then cover the  wound inhopes no one will see it.

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