Letters he wrote *sequle to shattered*

In the last book Louis found an old box filled with letters that niall wrote to Louis and never sent. Will the truth be relived or will it stay a screat? What will Louis do? How will he react to the letters? Will he get a surprise visit from an old friend?


5. Letter 4

Dear Louis

Today we were at an interview and you cought me bye suprise. Instead of sting by Harry like you always do. You sat next me and held my hand. I could feel my face geting warmer as the day went on. The interviewer said, "So Louis tell me who your fond of the most in the band? Who have you grown to have feelings to or who you are close to?" You smiled at him and with out a word you lifted  up our hands that were interwined together.

I looked over and saw that Harry and the others were smiling and laughing at us. I think that was the first time i had been happy and not had to fake it. The last time i had ever felkt the way i did to day was when i found out i was going to be in a band with you and the lads on the X- Factors. Today was a day  I would nevr for get thanks you to you Louis.

I dont have that much more to say really except that in the next  3 letters i will write you the end will be comeing soon to our little chats. That is for now.


Ihad tears in my eyes their. I was so happy to find out that I had made a diferance in my life. I made him happy again and he made me happy every day. Maybe we were ment to be together. I thought to my self. I screamed as i said out loud, "WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FIGURE THIS OUT NOW LOUIS!!!! NIALL IS DEAD ITS TO LATE!!!!" I heard foot steps and the door to his room openeing.

I saw Liam, Harry, and Zayn standing their giving me concerned looks. "Lou whats going on with you? You never hang out with us. We never talk any more why are you doing this?"   I shook my head with tears in my eyes. "I don't know any more Harry. I really don't know."

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