One in a million

Debbie Reynolds. Normal 18 yr old. Light brown curly hair. Known as goody goody to popular kids. Harry Styles. 19 yr old superstar. Dark brown curly hair. Member of famous boyband One Direction. What happens when Debbie's parents send her to London for 5 or 6 years?? What happens when best friend Gemma Styles invites her to stay the whole time ?? What happens when Harry and the boys take a 5 year brake ?? Find out in this mixed love story, when two ends meet...


1. Surprise

Debbie's p.o.v: Great. Another surprise! Just great. That's what happens when u beg ur parents to move to a place like Nashville. Bullies, regret, drama, oh but who cares?? My only best friend and parents are there for me but Gemma is in London and mom and dad work most of the time. But they always surprise me only to make it up to me. They told me they wanted to talk to me about something after tea. I wonder. When I finished up my chocolate cake and drank some coffee, I went downstairs and saw mom and dad talking but they stopped dead I their tracks when they noticed I came. Oh now what? 'Sweetie, come sit down beside me. Me and daddy want to tell u something and we want you to choose what you want.' Mom was clasping and I clasping her hands like she alway does if she want to say something. 'ummm mom??..' I was cut of by mom saying:'we thought u would like to go on a scholarship for 6 years to London.' That's what. Wow. I don't expect this from them. 'We even bought you clothes and shoes and makeup kits and whatnot because we know u would need it.' She continued' when we tried finding u a place to stay surprisingly ur best friend, Gemma offered to take you in as she's going to the same school. So we agreed as u girls needed some time to get to know everything ver since we moves her to Nashville. What do u say honey?' What do u say? It was a YES!! Yes yes yes !! 'OH MI GOSH MOM DAD THANK YOU SO MUCH ILL GET PACKING STRAIGHT AWAY!!' I was practically dancing my way to my room and threw all my clothes in and paled all my makeup and shoes and toilet supplies. This is gonna be fun!
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