My version of warrior cats

I absolutely love the Warrior cat series so I decided to make my own version. Really hope you like it!! Xx


2. When I first opened my eyes...

“Wake, my son. Open your eyes.” Silverkit could hear the sound of his mother’s soft voice. Nothing could he see for he feared opening his eyes. He breathed in the crisp, cool air deeply. He had done it twice as if he liked the feel of oxygen filling his newly used lungs. Beside him he could feel his brother (older by ten minutes) squirm around a little then lift his head. Silverkit wanted to do the same but couldn't find that confidence. Instead he wriggled back against his mother. Silverkit sank back into her warm fur when he realized that there was another kitten next to him. Why wasn't the kitten moving? As if his mother could read his exact thoughts, she cleaned the kitten’s tiny cheek. Though as she licked its throat, she froze. Inside his mother a great wave of sadness streamed that anyone who touched her could feel. It was a girl. Silverkit realized his sister wasn't going to live. He sniffed for any other siblings, but could only smell the scent of his mother, his brother, another cat and himself. “Mieeew! Miew!” A squeaky cry flew out his brother’s tiny mouth. Crying for mother, Silverkit thought. But it was not so as the brother nudged Silverkit, urging him to open his eye’s and hold his head up high. Silverkit tried holding his head up but it just seemed to flop back down. He thought his brother would eventually just go back to what he was doing. But the brother was determined to get Silverkit up to look around the room. He nudged him again, but this time it was different. It was as if a boost of confidence had transferred from Silverkit’s brother to Silverkit. One more time he took a really deep breath and shakily stood up on his two hind legs before flopping back down again. How had his brother managed to stand up and open his eyes so quickly? The brother mewed in excitement as Silverkit tried again. He didn't flop down again as he stood on his hind legs, but grew stronger and, with a great surge of courage from his mother and brother, stood up fully on all legs without shaking. He waited for a minute or so, as if searching his heart for as much courage as possible. Suddenly, he found it. He squeezed his eyes shut tighter before flashing them open. He blinked several times. Then tossed his head side to side, looking for his brother. Then he realized that he was in a cage. “Miew! Row-a-row...” Silverkit tried as best he could to hiss at the big, fur-less giants staring at him from outside the cage. With panic, he tossed his head even quicker, searching for any sign of his brother. “Where’s my brother!? Where have you taken him? Mother! Mother, where are you?” Silverkit cried desperately. But the giants didn’t seem to know any felinespeak. “Calm my little Silverkit. I am here. They do not desire to harm you.” His mother’s calming voice soothed him. He turned his head to see her. Her fur was misty grey. Silverkit sat down to examine his fur. He looked at his mother’s wavy coat, then at his, then at his mother’s. Silverkit’s fur was a much lighter grey than hers. More like a silver than a grey, in fact. As he looked at his mother again, he noticed she had four white socks on her small paws. Silverkit had rather big paws and claws sharper and cleaner than his mother’s. He stared at his fluffy white socks wondering why they were white and the rest of him another colour. His mother’s large, round, golden eyes filled with pride and adore gazed at Silverkit. Of course, Silverkit could not see his eyes and there was no mirror to see his facial features. Her lips formed a small, kind smile that was so welcoming he wanted to snuggle right next to her. Silverkit smiled back and was just about to try to jog over to his mother’s arms, when he stopped. “Brother?” Silverkit mewed worriedly. But mother just smiled. Suddenly, she lifted a leg that was covering Silverkit’s brother. He was suckling. “Don’t fret, your brother is here. His name is goldkit – and yours is Silverkit.” Silverkit’s mother said in a voice which held a hint of excitement. “Silverkit. I love it! And goldkit really suits my brother too. But what is yours?” A name. Silverkit springed into the air with happiness. He had a name. Silverkit’s mother squinted a little and gave a little yawn before saying “Ferncloud. I am Ferncloud, but you shall call me mother, as all little ones do. I’m afraid you won’t meet your father until the morning. He isn't here right now for he is hunting...” but before Silverkit could say another word, something crept up behind him. Silverkit froze and growled under his breath. But the scent seemed… familiar. As if he had smelled it briefly when he first opened his eyes. A warm breath landed on Silverkit’s back making him shudder. “Your father’s name is Brambleclaw. He is a great hunter. Have known him for years!  He has always wanted a son... or sons. You’ll both be quite the apple of your father’s eye, you two” The female cat laughed a sweet, clean laugh. Hunting? Silverkit thought, what’s hunting? And who was this cat? He hoped mother knew her. “Well my son, you must sleep, for tomorrow is a new day!” mother purred. “But there’s still so many questions I have to ask!” whined Silverkit. “Then you may ask them tomorrow. Look, your brother is already asleep” And asleep he was. He looked so small there, and so fragile. It was strangely amazing to think that this tiny, new born kitten had the courage to open his eyes almost instantly and help his brother up. Just looking at him made Silverkit drowsy. He padded over to his mother and fell asleep in her arms, his head and paw resting over one of her arms. And just before he fell asleep, he heard a whisper: “I am Fiona wings.” He then gave a tiny smile and fell deeply asleep.

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