she wanted the bad boy

she is beautiful, nice and popular. all Boys want her,but she only wants the bad boy. what happens when she turns from good girl to bad ass chick. will it get to dangerous.


4. chapter 4

She wanted the bad boy

Chapter 4

Vanessa's p.o.v

I really don't know how long ago he had locked me here but i started to feel really sad. Just when i thought i was getting better i had to fall in love and not just with any guy. No I had to go for the sexy bad guy.

It was stupid after all the feelings that i had before i switched schools an became popular. It had felt so good to have all this power over those boys and i just wanted to break them all as a revenge for breaking me. I know i sound like a bitch but i wanted to get all the males in general. I wanted to hurt them as much as one of them did to me.

But now i am trapped in this room in the house some dangerous guy. 

Its like the shortest (don't know if thats a word) chapter ever and i'm sorry i just have a big writers block

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