she wanted the bad boy

she is beautiful, nice and popular. all Boys want her,but she only wants the bad boy. what happens when she turns from good girl to bad ass chick. will it get to dangerous.


2. chapter 2

She wanted the bad boy


Chapter 2


Have you ever done something that felt wrong and right at the same time? No? Maybe its weird but its what i feel at this moment. Just sitting on this motorcycle with him.


We drove till we came in the dark side of town. That sounds stupid but it is where all the "bad" guys are hanging. Every girl would be scared to death by all the dangerous guys with weapons and drugs.



I always liked those things. the more dangerous the better. Not that i could kill someone or that i could sell drugs. I just liked the thought if some badass things.


The motorcycle slowed down and stopped in front of a big house. So this is where he lives. I thought he would live in like one of those scary apartments.


we climbed off the motorcycle and once again he put his arm around my waist. He lead me to the front door and unlocked it taking me inside.


Now you probably think I am crazy or stupid. Going into the house of a dangerous boy. Its not true. I just want something to happen in my life. I'm not afraid to die after how i felt...


When we came in the hallway i looked around everything was clean. Not what i excepted. I felt him come closer again and heard him whisper in my ear. " so sexy... here we are. you're mine now"


Wow so soon? I liked the idea of being his i could be the girl he loved. The girl he would change for.


I think i read to many books about bad boys. Because if i knew what was going to happen i never even looked at him the first day he came to school.


He looked at me with a smirk on his face. He wouldn't get me that easy.

"So you think you can claim me?" I looked him straight in the eye to see his reaction in my daring question.


His expression didn't changed he just looked amused. " i just did sweetheart"


Ha! he thought i would give in? "Prove it! Cause you can't claim me" i added looking even deeper in his eyes.


He stared to get irritated i could see it in his face. He picked a black metal gun out of his pocket and pointed it at me smirking while looking at me.


The kind of danger I was looking for.


"Say you are mine and mine only babe" he already thought he had won. But i likes playing with fire...


"If I don't say it your going to shoot me....? Wow smart then you have nothing" i dared him not even caring how mad he looked. he clearly didn't know me.


"Should i just shoot then" oh now he sounded pissed of. Alright i'm giving in.


" alright I'm yours and yours only Justin" just playing the innocent girl i could be.


Justin smirked and placed his hand on my tight. "Good girl" he whispered in my ear. I gulped I may love danger but I'm still a virgin.


He turned me around. "So i'm going to show you your new room" What?!?? I was shocked no way!! I want danger not a new home.


After one whole year of trying to get his attention he just claims me and just gives me a new home..


"What about school and my family" i asked curios to know what was happening and why it was happening so fast. "Your staying here if you leave i will kill them" his voice was cold and i stopped talking.


He walked upstairs and i followed him not saying a word. I already regret a part of this.


He leaded me to one of the rooms. It was big and nice decorated. Whit a big kingsized bed in the middle. I looked around and saw i had my own walk in closet and bathroom.


Did he plan all this? An if he did why make it so comfortable. This is more like being kidnapped by some rich guy who is just giving you everything you want.


Justin's p.o.v


I showed her the room she has to be staying in. I made this plan long ago. Not with her in mind but she was such an easy target. I was suppose to get a girl and use her for a lot of stuff.


she is strong and not afraid. I can break her piece by piece. Sweet revenge. I know revenge? Its a long story. I just like breaking girls make them feel worthless it gives me a good feeling. I know i'm an asshole and other mean things but i don't care.


She walked in front of me looking around the room. i have to admit she is hot! Like i would totally do some stuff to her. She could even entertain my friends. I smirked at the thought.


I walked up to her and came closer. "Do you like it babe cause you are staying here for a while" she froze for a moment not excepting me to stand behind her. "Yeah .. I do"


She won't know whats going to happen to her.


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