she wanted the bad boy

she is beautiful, nice and popular. all Boys want her,but she only wants the bad boy. what happens when she turns from good girl to bad ass chick. will it get to dangerous.


1. chapter 1

She wanted the bad boy


Chapter 1


There he was ...the most dangerous boy in town, with his beautiful dark brown eyes and his muscular body.


I was staring at him once again while walking past him and his gang mates. we all go to the same school. It was a gang of 5 boys everyone feared them except for me. I was attracted to the danger.


Its weird to say that cause i'm kind of a good girl and i have never even done something bad. i'm the captain of the cheerleaders and the most popular girl in school, you know the blonde one with the great looks, Thats me but i'm not like those bitches in movies. i'm just me.


i walked further down the hall when i felt a pair of eyes stare at me it was nothing like all the other stares. I could just feel his eyes burning in my back. I turned around and then i saw him... this was the first time i got a stare from him. a stare from Justin Drew Bieber.


i turned around and walked away. A lot of thoughts came trough my mind. I saw my best friend Stacy i ran up to her and smiled. I was happy that i finally got some adventure.


Stacy noticed that i was happy because she immediately started asking why i smiled.


I laughed and said " He stared at me" it sounded like i just won the lottery but i was happy with it.


The expression on her face changed in less than a second. "Not Him the BAD boy! He is dangerous!" She sounded more worried than ever.


I was getting a little bit irritated by the way she always told me to stay away from him. I knew he was trouble but something in me just wanted so desperate to get attention from him.


She stared at me for a while. "He will hurt you Vanessa please stay away from him"


"Stacy i'm not a child anymore! I like him and he won't hurt me" she was pissing me of. Why wasn't i allowed to fall in love with him.


I looked up and Stacy rolled her eyes an held her mouth shut. I was glad she stopped we always fought over this kind of things. We walked to our first class in silence both with our own thoughts.


Our first class was english and i really liked that class. Not only because i was good at it but because Justin was here too.


Miss levi walked into the classroom and started talking. "listen class i have an appointment with the school nurse so just sit here and do something" and then she just walked away. Wow so i guess this is going to be a fun hour.


I looked at Stacy but she was busy talking with my other friend Jess. So i decided to put my earphones in and listen to music on my iPod. Music always makes me happy and there were always meaningful words.


I was singing to " i knew you were trouble" by taylor swift. when i felt an arm around my waist. I looked down and saw an muscular arm with tattoos i knew it was Justin.


I felt his breath in my neck as he got closer. " come with me babe." I heard in my ear. His voice made shivers all over my body but i likes it.


i stood up and we walked out of the classroom. He still had his arms around me while walking out of the school. We came at the parking lot and i saw his motorcycle. "Get on it babe" i heard his low deep voice say.


i sat down behind him. Feeling on top of the world when we drove away. I didn't even know where we were going but i hoped we were going to do something dangerous.

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