Orphan (14+)

Amelia's gran dies, leaving her with no family left. Her gran leaves her nothing, except a letter telling her to go to High House Orphanage, where she can have a home and have schooling. She reluctantly obeys her gran's wishes. When she meets bad boy, Harry Styles, who knows what's going to happen...


2. High House

*Amelia's POV*

I arrived at High House, afraid of what was to come. Olivia knocked on the door and almost immediately a middle aged woman answered.

"Hi Sophia, just another one I've been told to bring over! She's called Amelia Jones and she's 15." Olivia told the woman, then shoving me in the door and slammed it shut.

The woman walked me into a concealed office and sat me down. The room had no windows and was full of drawers and cupboards.


"Hi, Amelia. I'm so sorry for your loss but now, High House is going to offer you a new life. We have our own school, and we also prepare you for the big bad world with chores, according to who and what you are. Oh and by the way, you can call me Mrs Watson." She said, with her wrinkled nose lifted into the air. "I'll take you to your room, give you some uniforms and your bags and you can start lessons this afternoon!"

"Great!" I said sarcastically. This was officially the worst time ever, in my life! I followed the woman out and into large corridors. Mrs Watson opened a huge door. The room beneath the door was huge and full of cranky beds, in two long lines against the walls.

"Your bed is number 78. Oh, and don't forget! Your room has G15 on, which stands for Girls age 15. I'll let you get settled in and come back in 30 minutes. I want you in the school uniform and I'll take you to your class, which is maths!" Mrs Watson chirped, passing me a selection of uniforms. She turned around and walked out of the large dormitory.

I sat down, sighed and looked around the prison-like room. Next to my bed, there was four drawers, which were mine while I was here. I emptied my bag and shoved my stacks of clothes into three of them. Then I use the last one for the disgusting uniforms I am forced to wear, keeping the school one out and changing into it.

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