Nialls long lost sister

Anna Nichole was adopted when she was 3. Shes living a normal life until she bumps into her brother that she dosent even remember. Tune In to find out what happens.


2. (Anna POV) the room mates.

I put my things on the floor under my feet. I stared at the door waiting for someone to come in. I looked down at Nollens present he gave me the night before I left he told me to open it when I get there. So I opened it. There was a drawing of me and him and there was a golden heart locket on top of it. I put it on and it fit. Then I heard the door open. I looked up and saw a girl with black hair. She had a black t-shirt on and jeans. she sat on another bed. "h..hi" she said quietly. "Hey. Whats your name? My names Anna." I said. "Its kate." she said back more clearer. I got out my drawing pad and started drawing. I drew a guy smiling with another guy next to him. I don't know where I got the idea of the two guys but it just came to my head. I heard my phone going off like crazy. "Whos that?" Kate said. "My brother Nollen." My phone started ringing. It was an unknown number so I didn't answer it. I got my  colored pencials and it in. I felt so babyish coloring it in but that's what I always do. "What degree are you here for?" I asked. "Art" Kate said back. "So am I!" I said.

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