Nialls long lost sister

Anna Nichole was adopted when she was 3. Shes living a normal life until she bumps into her brother that she dosent even remember. Tune In to find out what happens.


1. (Anna POV) the day of the plane.

"ANNA TIME TO LEAVE!" my mom said snifiling. Ok so you already know my know its Anna but my real name was Demi...before I got adopted. I was 3 when I was left on the door step of the foster home but that very day I was adopted by my mom and dad. My dad was downstairs waiting to leave to go to the airport. I thought in my head 'collage......for art.....' I grabbed my suitcase and hopped in dads car. The collage that i'm going to is in London. I felt my eyes closing then I remembered I stayed up all night. 3 hours latter....."WHERE HERE!" my dad said. I woke up and said "ok." I hopped out of the car and walked backwards waving to my dad "ill video chat with Nollen mom and you!" I turned around I couldent belive it. I was going to collage for art in LONDON! Nollen is my brother whos 11. I waited in the airport for the plane. Then it arrived. I sat in a seat in the middle. It wasn't the window seat. Thank god. I layed my head back and played on my phone texting Nollen back and forth and playing angry birds at the same time. We where lifting so I texted him 'Where lifting!' I sat my seat up and kept on playing angry birds. I put my phone down and realized it was 12 at night. So I closed my eyes. "LONDON!" the pilot said. I ammeaditly opened my eyes. I grabbed my suitcase and phone and walked out of the door to londons airport. The college was close by so I walked. I saw other kids walking. I wondered if they where in my dorm. 5 minutes went by and I was at the college. Everyone was in the line to get there dorms. I got dorm 115. I didn't know who'll be my room mates so I just sat on a bed.

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