Homeless and Helpless.

Harry Styles, the homeless guy who does everything for his sister Gemma's daughter Sam. Gemma died from cancer years ago, now, Sam and Harry lives in the streets, struggling to keep themselves alive. But what happens when Harry get's a plan? Which involves getting hit by a car to the very rich Evelyn Jackson the daughter of a sucessfull lawyer.

----Inspired by the movie "Curly Sue"----


2. Chapter TWO.

Sam's P.O.V

Harry and I walked around in the parking lot, looking for a nice car.

"How about this Harry?" I asked pointing at a huge grey car.

"Wow, that's a nice car." He smirked.

We waited for what felt like a year until someone finally walked out the door from the building, "Quick! Hide!" Harry whispered as we hid behind another car.

A blonde lady with her hair up in a ponytail, fancy clothes with expensive jewelry walked up to that grey car.

"Ready?" I heard Harry whisper.

"I was born ready." I replied.

"Remember, I'm your dad." He said as the lady started the motor. 

I grabbed the thick plank as the car started to move back, running behind the car I hit it as hard as I could before throwing the plank away, Harry lied down behind the car as it stopped. I sat down on my knees pretending to cry as the cardoor opened. Looking up I spotted the lady looking all terrified.

"You killed my daddy!" I yelled and buried my face on his chest.

"Oh lord." I heard her whisper.

"Oh my god, are you alright mister?" She tried shaking him.

"I.. I don't think so." He moaned.

"G-get in my c-car and I'll take care of you." She said opening the cardoor.

She helped Harry up and placed him inside the car, I stepped in aswell next to Harry, "I'm so sorry sir, I didn't see anyone behind me." She said.

"It's okay, I think." He mumbled.

"I'll get you two to my place and I'll call my doctor, please don't sue me for this, I finally got my job." She said all stressed out.


I lied in the guestroom on a hell of a large bed watching cartoon on the flatscreen when suddenly the door opened. The lady stepped inside and sat down next to me.

"Daddy is now taken care of by the doctor, he's going to be just fine." She said in a baby voice.

"I'm seven, not a baby." I said rolling my eyes.

"Do you have a name?" She asked.

"Samantha, but call me Sam." I told her.

"My name is Evelyn, but call me Eve." She smiled, "Do you go to school?" She asked.

"No, we can't afford that." I sighed.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"We don't have a home, we don't have money nor have we clothes. But as long as I have my daddy I know I'll be fine." I pouted making her feel bad for me, which worked just fine.

"Aw, poor girl. Then you must be hungry right now." She said.

"You have no idea." I said sitting up straight.

"Why don't you come with me, and I'll find you something to eat." She smiled as I followed her into the kitchen. 

Her penthouse was huge. I sat down at the table watching her cook something, "Do you like crabs?" She asked holding up two big crabs. 

"I've never tasted it, but I'm sure I'll love it." I said clapping my hands.

"So, how old is your dad, darling?" She asked.

"Twenty." I replied.

"What?" She asked in shock, "So he had you when he was thirteen?"

"Oh.. Uh... Sure." I mumbled.

"How is your dad?" She then asked.

"He's a real flirt, so watch out." I giggled as she let out a laugh.

"I have a boyfriend, darling." She chuckled, "When you're finished eating, why don't you take a shower?" She asked.

"Sure." I replied. 

Harry's P.O.V

"You'll be just fine sir, just a little lump on your forehead." The doctor said standing up from the couch I was lying on.

"Thank you doctor." I said.

The doctor left the livingroom, standing up I looked around when suddenly the door opened, "The doctor told me you'll be fine. I'm sorry... Again." The pretty lady said.

"It's okay." I smirked as she sat down on the couch.

"Your daughter is taking a shower, would you like to take one as well? It's another bathroom in the guestroom." She said.

"Yes please." I smiled.

"Your daughter is really cute." She smiled.

"Just like her mother." I sighed.

"Where is her mother?" She asked.

"She died from cancer when Sam was only three years old. I've been taking care of her since then." I told her.

"Why you? I mean... Sam told me you guys are homeless..." She whispered

"Her mom was homeless too." It remained quiet, it looked like she was broken, "I'm Harry Styles... By the way." I said reaching out my hand.

"Evelyn Jackson, just call me Eve." She said with a weak smile while shaking my hand.

"I'll just take a quick shower." I smirked before walking into the guestroom.

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