Homeless and Helpless.

Harry Styles, the homeless guy who does everything for his sister Gemma's daughter Sam. Gemma died from cancer years ago, now, Sam and Harry lives in the streets, struggling to keep themselves alive. But what happens when Harry get's a plan? Which involves getting hit by a car to the very rich Evelyn Jackson the daughter of a sucessfull lawyer.

----Inspired by the movie "Curly Sue"----


3. Chapter THREE.

Harry's P.O.V

"Thanks for letting us using the shower, I think it's time to go. Come on Sam." I said in a sad voice taking Sam's hand.

"No wait." Eve's voice said.

Sam and I turned around to face her, she rubbed her neck awkwardly, "I still feel really guilty for hitting you with my car, you can.. Probably.. Stay here for a couple of days? I'll help you find a job so you can get an apartment or something." She spoke.

Looking down at Sam she nodded in excitement, "Alright, for Sam." I smirked.

"For Sam." She smiled giving Sam a warming smile, "Well, it starts to get a little late for you Sam, why don't you sleep in my room down the hall to the right, while Harry and I have a chat."

Sam nodded in response running into Eve's bedroom, I followed Eve to the livingroom where we sat down on the couch, "I love her hair, it's so curly and nice." Eve smiled.

"I often call her curly Sam." I smirked as she giggled.

"You're a really good dad, you know that?" She said with a weak smile.

"I'm doing my best." I replied.

Third person P.O.V

As Harry and Evelyn were casually talking on the couch, Sam were sleeping in Eve's bed. Suddenly Eve's boyfriend Jack walks in the front door, thinking Eve has gone to bed. He quietly sneaks into Eve's bedroom spotting someone lying in her bed sleeping.

He smirked before walking up to the bed dragging off the blanket, Sam jumped up from bed as Jack's eyes widened, she screamed so loud that Eve and Harry reacted.

Punching Jack in the face he moaned in agony before running out of the bedroom where he spotted Harry, screaming he punched Harry down on the floor as suddenly Eve came inside screaming and punching Jack down on the floor.

"Jesus Christ, Jack! Is that you?" Eve yelled.

"What the fuck is happening?" Jack cursed under his breath, while holding over his nose that was now bleeding.

Evelyn's P.O.V

Jack dragged me into the kitchen while Sam and Harry sat in the livingroom.

"Are you fucking nuts?" Jack spat after I told him everything that happened.

"I felt bad for curly Sam." I sighed.

"What the hell is curly Sam?" He whispered loudly.

"I just told you! It's the little girl!" I told him.

"They're homeless, which means it's all just a trick to get somewhere to stay!" He said slamming his fist on the counter.

"Don't be so mean! Curly Sam is only seven years old and she needs a home." I said strict.

"You need to use that brain of yours and realize that those guys are robbers!" He shouted.

"I promise you that they mean no harm on either you or me. They're just normal people Jack." I told him.

Sam's P.O.V

As Evelyn and her ugly, stupid ass boyfriend argued in the kitchen, I walked around in the livingroom while Harry lied on the couch with an ice bag over his eye.

My fingers stroke over the plain white walls until I came to a shelf. I noticed a box on the top shelf, looking over at Harry I saw that he had his eyes closed, I smirked before starting to climb the shelf until I reached the box. Opening the box I brought out some dollar bills. Placing the box back I climbed back down and counted the money.

"Holy shit." I whispered to myself.

"Fucking hundred dollars." I whispered placing the money in my worn coat.

I could hear Eve and her boyfriend yell at eachother. Rolling my eyes I walked over to the couch jumping on Harry's stomach as he let out a loud groan.

"I'm bored." I whined.

"Then go to bed." He said dryly.

"I didn't say I'm tired, I said I'm bored." I chuckled.

Before Harry got to answer, Eve and her boyfriend got out of the kitchen and walked over to us. I stood up straight and so did Harry. He had a cold look on her boyfriend, for hitting him in the eye.

"I know you guys had a rough start, but let's just start it over." Eve spoke, "Harry, this is Jack. Jack, this is Harry."

Jack and Harry shook hands as Eve looked down on me, "Sam, this is Jack. Jack, this is curly Sam." She smiled as Jack reached out his hand.

"I'm hungry." I said avoiding shaking Jack's hand.

He gave me a cold look as I smiled to myself, "Follow me to the kitchen and I'll get you something to eat." She smiled.

Everyone walked into the kitchen, it was an awkward silence as Eve made some food to me and Harry.

"Do you want some coffee, Harry?" Eve asked boiling some water.

"Yes please." Harry said politely.

"So, what's your job?" Harry asked Eve and Jack.

"I'm a lawyer. And Jack works at an office." Eve replied.

"Isn't that boring?" I asked leaning on my left arm on the counter.

"It might be boring, but money is important." Eve giggled.

"So, Harry.." Jack started, "What's your job?"

"Jack." Eve said warning.

"No, no. I want to know." Jack smirked not letting his eyes off Harry.

"I don't have a job... Jack-ass." Harry smirked as I caught Eve hiding her smile, which made me giggle.

"Oh no, I know what your job is." Jack continued, "Your job is to pretend you got hit by a car owned by rich people, just for them to feel bad for you..." He spoke before Eve yelled, "Jack!" But he just ignored her and continued, "And when they take you home, you take their money, clothes, valuable items..."

"Jack stop it!" Eve finally said slapping Jack across the face, "Anyway," She continued, "I want to take you out to dinner tomorrow to the popular restaurant, The Delaunay. Me, Sam, Harry and Jack." 

"What?" Jack questioned in shock.

"And don't worry about the money, I'll pay." She said giving Jack a judgy look.

"You, Evelyn Jackson, are so stupid!" Jack said grabbing his coat before rushing out the penthouse.

"I'm sorry, he can easily get jealous." Eve sighed placing two plates of pancakes in front of me and Harry.

We ate the pancakes up before we all went to bed, I don't know why but Eve wanted me to share bed with her. I felt a little uncomfortable so I kept my distance, it didn't take much longer before I fell asleep on the soft silky bed.

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