Homeless and Helpless.

Harry Styles, the homeless guy who does everything for his sister Gemma's daughter Sam. Gemma died from cancer years ago, now, Sam and Harry lives in the streets, struggling to keep themselves alive. But what happens when Harry get's a plan? Which involves getting hit by a car to the very rich Evelyn Jackson the daughter of a sucessfull lawyer.

----Inspired by the movie "Curly Sue"----


6. Chapter SIX.

Harry's P.O.V

Sam and I sat in the church all alone eating fast food which we bought from the money Sam stole from Eve.

"Look, after we're finished here, we're going to the art museum." I told her taking a bite from my sandwich.

"I hate the art museum." She said rolling her eyes at me.

"What? Is it that bad to learn a thing or two?" I chuckled.

"All you learn in there is to keep your mouth shut and how to walk without making any sound." She replied dryly.

"Fine, then I'll take you to school." I said.

"I can't go there, they'll take me away." She replied.

"Not if I have food and a nice place to live." I told her.

"We'll get caught and you'll end up in jail." She said chewing her food.

"Don't think like that." I said.

"We wouldn't even been talking about this if you accepted what the lady gave us. But you let her go because she was too pretty." She smirked.

"She was too smart." I said.

"And, she was too pretty." 

"She was mad."

"And, she was too pretty."

"She was gonna catch into us anyway."

"And, she was too pretty."

I sighed before raising my eyebrows at her, "You're pretty and I don't let you go." I said as she smiled.

"She was too pretty." She whispered.

"Alright, if I promise to admit she was too pretty, will you shut up about it?" I asked.

"Mhm." She replied.

"You promise?" I asked.

"Mhm." She replied.

"Okay, she's too pretty." I said as a smile grew on her face before she bursted into laughter, "I knew it." She giggled.

"Hubba, hubba." She smirked and winked.

Evelyn's P.O.V

I rushed out of my work's building, heading to the parking lot when I suddenly heard my coworker, Vanessa, call my name from behind.

I tried to ignore her by walking faster but she ran too fast.

"Mr. Hog told me that he couldn't afford paying, so he's asking if he can get another month." She said stressed out.

"It's okay." I said walking even faster.

"And Mrs. Willson said she couldn't make it to the meeting tomorrow, you want me to set another date?" She asked.

"Sure." I told her.

"And Mr..." She said before I stopped, grabbing her shoulders and looked into her eyes, "I really need to go." I told her before walking away.

I got to the parkinglot and walked over to my car, taking a deep breath I took a quick check around the car to see if anyone was standing near it. Which it wasn't. Sighing in relief I sat inside my car and started to drive.

Sam's P.O.V

As Harry and I were heading to the art museum I suddenly stopped to grab something from my bag.

Harry stopped a couple of meters away from me before he turned around, "What's now?" He groaned.

"Since the winter is here, my lips easily gets dry. So I need to find my lipgloss." I told him searching in my purse.

I looked up when I finally found it but dropped it right away when I spotted Eve's car driving out of the parkinglot before hitting Harry.

She stopped instantly before rushing out of the car, "Now you really killed him!" I yelled before running over to him.


I sat in her pentouse on her couch watching spongebob on TV before I heard some talking behind me. Looking over the couch I saw her and the doctor walking out of the guest bedroom.

"It's no broken ribs, no dangerous damages and no amnesia. He'll be just fine." The doctor said before opening the front door and left. Eve turned to face me and sighed.

"I'm sorry about Harry.." She whispered walking over to me.

"Maybe it was destiny." I said with a weak smile.

"What?" She asked furrowing her eyebrows at me.

"Earlier, he admitted that he let you go, because you're too pretty." I said.

She didn't say anything, she just looked down on her lap, suddenly we heard Harry groan really loud.

"Is that the final groan? Is he going to die?" I acted like I was really sad and pretended to cry.

"No, no, it's okay. Just wait here, and I'll check on him." She said standing up.

When she was out of sight I stopped crying and walked over to her purse that was on the table in the hall. Opening it I brought out alot of hundred dollar bills.

"Whoa." I breathe looking at the amount of money in my hands.

I sighed before placing the money back in her purse, "You're not the kind of lady I wanna steal from anymore." I whispered to myself before walking back to the couch.

Evelyn's P.O.V

I walked over to the bed Harry was lying on. He slowly looked up at me, "Where am I?" He asked in a husky voice.

"My apartment." I replied, "And I want you out of it by tonight."

"What?" He mumbled.

"Because I know this is just one of your games, Harry. This was all just a set up. And with the same person, that's the worst." I raised my voice.

"This wasn't a set up." He told me, "Sam and I was on our way to the art museum." 

"The art museum? Really Harry? Stop with these stupid lies." I yelled.

"It's not a fucking lie." He yelled back as he stood up.

"Oh yeah? Because that what it was the last time I hit you with my car." I told him.

"I don't fucking need this." He said walking past me and out of the bedroom.

I followed him, as I came to the hall I noticed that my purse was open. Did Sam steal anything? Opening it I sighed in relief when I noticed that my money was still there.

"I didn't take it. I was going to... But I didn't." I heard Sam say from behind me.

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't know.. Maybe because you were nice to us. You bought me food, you held my hand when we were walking, you gave me a bath. You acted like you were my mom." She said.

I sighed and looked down on my purse bringing up a picture. It was the picture of Harry, Sam and her mom. I forgot to give it back to Harry.

"Where's Harry?" I asked.

"He's just going to get his jacket, then we're leaving." She told me.

I turned around to face her, her eyes were red and filled with tears. I really felt bad for her. I spotted Harry with his jacket on walking into the hall. He didn't even look at me as he grabbed Sam's hand. He opened the front door but stopped when I called his name. Turning around he looked at me as he cocked an eyebrow.

"Stay." I whispered.

"What?" He asked confused.

"It's dark outside... Maybe you can stay the night." I told him as I noticed Sam smiling friendly at me.

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